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Blogger Bio:  This post was submitted by a member of the NCDD community. NCDD members are leaders and future leaders in the fields of public engagement, conflict resolution, and community problem solving. You, too, can post to the NCDD blog by completing the Add-to-Blog form at www.ncdd.org/submit.

Peacebuilding with the Taos Institute in San Diego – November

The following post was submitted by Mary Gergen of the Taos Institute… I think the members of NCDD would be interested in knowing about an upcoming conference from a fellow member of NCDD, assuming everyone is not “conferenced-out” after the stimulating meeting in Seattle. The title of the conference is “Exploring Relational Practices in Peacebuilding, Mediation and Conflict Transformation: From the Intimate to the International” to be held in San Diego, Nov. 14-17, 2012. The conference is sponsored by the Taos Institute (a non-profit educational […] (continue)

Symphony in Seattle — First Video by Jeffrey Abelson

Sandy encouraged us to blog about our experience at the conference. Mine was unusual in that I was not able to attend many of the workshops I wished I could have because (as some of you know) I was upstairs filming interviews for most of the weekend. But here’s what really surprised me — by speaking at length with those of you I filmed, and listening to the plenary speeches, and chatting with so many other people throughout the 3 days (and nights), I feel […] (continue)

Dialogue Seeds Strong and Growing Change in New Mexico

Dialogue-to-change is not simply a buzzword—it’s an active and real process that sees the bigger picture. The picture that says we can never have an energetic and authentic democracy without being connected to local communities and helping connect the dots to a national movement for change. In 2010, with the generous support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Everyday Democracy arrived in Albuquerque as part of the Strong Starts initiative. We partnered with five local coalitions in finding ways to dialogue and take action together on […] (continue)

Can film and dialogue change the world?

As another presidential election lingers on the horizon, we’re once again reminded of the seemingly irreparable divide that plagues our nation. In fact, public discourse seems to become more polarized every day, as talk show pundits, bloggers and even cable news anchors fling shrill epithets at the “other side.” Of course, our people’s inability to find common ground isn’t anything new. But as we grapple with mounting challenges like unemployment, poverty and a broken education system (to name a few), we have no choice but […] (continue)

Welcome to IF… Urban

Here’s a post from Natalie Hopkinson, Fellow of the Interactivity Foundation (IF).  The Interactivity Foundation is one of our Co-Sponsors for the 2012 NCDD Conference, and we are raising awareness within our community about IF’s great work. Check out this impressive list! One of the three legs of the Interactivity Foundation’s (IF) mission is public policy discussion. This year, we launched an Urban Initiative—discussions in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and West Palm Beach, Fla. By the end of 2012 we expect to host 60 discussions in these areas. Our goal is […] (continue)

Introducing Chinese students to facilitation and public policy discussions

Here’s a post from Peter Shively of the Interactivity Foundation.  Peter is a Sustaining Member of NCDD, and the Interactivity Foundation is one of our Co-Sponsors for the 2012 NCDD Conference.  We encourage you to learn more about all the great work IF is doing! The Interactivity Foundation was a recent co-sponsor and presenter at the 2012 China Citizenship & Social Innovation SEED Camp held at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government during the week of August 19-26. This week-long intensive conference experience at Harvard for Chinese college […] (continue)

Come Learn With Us: Public Conversations’ Fall 2012 Workshops

Do you live and work with people who have different points of view? Have you had to handle conflict in your community or organization? Strengthen your dialogue design and facilitation skills with our upcoming workshops. The Public Conversations Project is an organizational member of NCDD and we’re proud to say a Co-Sponsor of the 2012 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation as well! New: Bring a friend or colleague and receive a 20% discount on both registrations. As usual, NCDD dues-paying members receive a 15% […] (continue)

Use your 25% NCDD discount on Future Search winter workshops

The Future Search Network is still offering a special 25% NCDD discount to our Future Search workshops! Join Sandra Janoff, Marvin Weisbord and the Future Search Network to learn how to make your meetings better. November 5 – 7, 2012 Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There! – An Advanced Facilitation Workshop – Presents a philosophy, theory and method for transforming diverse work groups of all kinds. $1195 – Only $896 with your NCDD discount. December 10 – 12, 2012 Future Search Training – Learn about […] (continue)

An introduction to Oregon’s Kitchen Table

We wanted to share with the NCDD community a unique interactive experiment that the Policy Consensus Initiative, the National Policy Consensus Center and its partners have launched recently in Oregon – Oregon’s Kitchen Table. The idea of bringing kitchen table wisdom to the public square has a long and storied history.  As PCI Board Co-Chair and former Wyoming Governor James Geringer, wrote in 2004: “My background reflects a time when folks would get together to resolve an issue or agree on something by dropping by the […] (continue)

Book Club Final Week: Constructive Politics as Public Work

Our summer book club on Democratizing Deliberation comes to a close this week, with Harry Boyte’s chapter “Constructive Politics as Public Work: Organizing the Literature.”  Like Harry, this week’s chapter leader, Wendy Willis, is an extraordinary leader in her own right — Wendy is Executive Director of the Policy Consensus Initiative and Deputy Director for Research of the National Policy Consensus Center. Wendy’s first book of poems, Blood Sisters of the Republic, will be released by Press 53 on October 1. Chapter Summary by Wendy Willis… It’s […] (continue)