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From the CommunityAuthor Archives: Roshan Bliss

Blogger Bio:  An inclusiveness trainer and group process facilitator, Roshan Bliss serves as NCDD's Youth Engagement Coordinator and Blog Curator. Combining his belief that decisions are better when everyone is involved with his passion for empowering young people, his work focuses on increasing the involvement of youth and students in public conversations.

Transforming a community with sustained dialogue

A recent post on the Everyday Democracy blog caught our eye.  Written by NCDD member Janice Thomson and featuring the work of NCDD member Mary Jane Hollis, the article focuses on the power of sustained dialogue to tease out difficult issues such as race and to create lasting positive effects in our communities.  The full article can be found both on Janice Thomson’s blog where it was originally posted, or on the Everyday Democracy blog here. Last week a small but dedicated group of Chicago area dialogue […] (continue)

Update on NIF’s National Dialogue on Higher Ed

As many of you may know, our friends at the National Issues Forums Institute have been engaged in an ongoing national dialogue series based on one of their latest issue guides titled “Shaping Our Future: How Should Higher Education Help Us Create the Society We Want?”  The guide has been helping facilitate conversations across the country about how our nation’s colleges and university systems should be changing and what role they should play in our society’s future.  The series has continued to move forward, and we wanted to […] (continue)

“Making Haste Slowly” in Difficult National Conversations

In honor of yesterday’s confab call on mass shootings, we want to highlight a recent blog post by NCDD Board member John Backman, who shares his reflections on the need to make space for reflection in the aftermath of shocking and traumatic national events like Sandy Hook.  John’s original post appeared on the Public Conversations Project’s Doing Dialogue blog. Shortly after the terrible shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the public square filled with a cacophony of voices and, running through them all, a sense of […] (continue)

Facts, Beliefs, and Being Wrong

We are happy to share this insightful blog post from NCDD member John Blakinger, who reflects on the interplay of facts, beliefs, and being wrong when we are trying to address problems together.  John’s reflections come from www.CivilSay.net. Philosopher Charles Bernard Renouvier said “There is no certainty, only people who are certain.” And when it comes to contested issues people tend to project a certainty of their opposing beliefs. We like to think there is an absolute truth or correctness and while this may be so, […] (continue)

Managing Director Position with State Voices

We would like to let NCDDers know about an exciting job opportunity with State Voices, a national network – built from the states up – that helps grassroots organizations win shared policy and civic engagement victories and build long-term power.  State Voices is seeking a talented leader with record of success in managing an effective civic engagement organization or issue campaigns to serve as Managing Director, and we know the NCDD network is full of people who are well-suited to rise to the occassion.  If […] (continue)

Tuesday’s C2D2 webinar on the current trajectory of citizen engagement

The Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation, NCDD’s sister organization in Canada, invites the NCDD community to join them for the next installment in their Big Questions webinar series on THIS TUESDAY, February 12th, from 11:30am to 12:30pm Eastern. At their October 2012 face-to-face meeting, C2D2 Board members discussed some big questions about this field of work, and this year, they are looking look forward to discussing how these questions shape citizen engagement with a series of webinars designed to increase the collective knowledge and experience in […] (continue)

Detroit News from the Davenport Institute

We want to make the NCDD community aware of some interesting content the Davenport Institute has been posting on their inCommon blog.  As of late, they have highlighted a number of different projects the City of Detroit has undertaken over the last year to increase civic engagement. Most recently, the city launched its “Detroit Future City” website to encourage online engagement around the city’s strategic framework plan, and our friends at the Davenport Institute are helping to bring more attention to the project. Now – after hundreds […] (continue)

Upcoming CommunityMatters call on Participatory Budgeting

Update:  Registration for this call is now open at https://www.orton.org/civicrm/event/info?id=62 (sign up soon, as our last couple of CM calls have had to be capped!) Our friends at CommunityMatters — a partnership of seven leading organizations in the fields of community building and deliberative democracy (including NCDD!) — would like to invite all interested NCDD members to participate in a conference call on Participatory Budgeting on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th) from 4-5pm Eastern.  This installment of the CommunityMatters conference call series will feature insights from two […] (continue)

Test Message by Roshan

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