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Learn about various projects and goings-on at NCDD (aside from our events): things like our Confab calls for the NCDD community, collaborative projects we’re involved in, and topics our community is tackling.

Invite others to join NCDD before Thanksgiving for 50% off

As part of our 2013 member drive, we want to encourage our existing members to invite others to join NCDD as a Supporting Member for just $25. Word-of-mouth from those of you who know NCDD is absolutely the best way to expand our reach and get more people involved — and hopefully this gives you some incentive to encourage others to become members of this great network of ours. Just send people to www.ncdd.org/drive-join50 to complete the membership application.  The first question on the form […] (continue)

Developing “Text, Talk, and Act”: A new strategy for combining ‘thick’ and ‘thin’ engagement

NCDD members may be interested in contributing to the development of a new public engagement process that will roll out in December as part of the National Dialogue on Mental Health. “Text, Talk, and Act” has been developed by Matt Leighninger of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium (DDC), the other members of the National Dialogue’s Creating Community Solutions partnership, and the directors of two civic technology nonprofits: Michelle Lee of Textizen and Michael Smith of United Americans. Sandy Heierbacher of NCDD, Raquel Goodrich of the National […] (continue)

Join us for “Text, Talk, Act” on Mental Health

On December 5th, we encourage all NCDD members to participate in the first-ever, nationwide text-enabled dialogue on mental health. All you need is 1 hour, 4 people, and at least 1 phone. This is a project of Creating Community Solutions – a collaborative effort led by the National Institute for Civil Discourse, the Deliberative Democracy Consortium, AmericaSpeaks, Everyday Democracy, National Issues Forums Institute, and the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (with many, many partner organizations signed on — including some of you!). We’re excited to be […] (continue)

Launching a 3-year learning exchange with the Kettering Foundation

NCDD is pleased to announce that we are embarking upon an exciting three-year “learning exchange” with the Kettering Foundation. This research with Kettering focuses on documenting and making explicit what NCDD is learning in areas of mutual importance to Kettering, to NCDD, and to our field. Specifically, under this agreement, we will: Explore the capacity and track record of collaboration among practitioners in public dialogue and deliberation, while exploring new opportunities as well. This joint research will give us the opportunity to think through—with many […] (continue)

Why NCDD is so great…

I’m feeling really grateful right now for this supportive network we’ve built up over the past 11 years, and all of the amazing people that make NCDD a special, one-of-a-kind community. I just realized we had SEVEN people renew their membership today and yesterday, and I wanted to give them a quick shout-out. Thank you to John Vogelsang, Tim Steffensmeier of Kansas State University, Leanne Nurse of the U.S. EPA, Maggie Herzig of the Public Conversations Project, Kay Lindahl of The Listening Center, Tobin Quereau of Austin Community College, and Angela Lowrey of Delta Diablo! Your ongoing support […] (continue)

Making Public Participation Legal launched at Brookings

Most of the laws that govern public participation in the U.S. are over thirty years old. They do not match the expectations and capacities of citizens today, they pre-date the Internet, and they do not reflect the lessons learned in the last two decades about how citizens and governments can work together. Increasingly, public administrators and public engagement practitioners are hindered by the fact that it’s unclear if many of the best practices in participation are even allowed by the law. Making Public Participation Legal, […] (continue)

Join us at the Brookings Institution on Wednesday!

Tired of tense, unproductive public meetings? Want to embed better online and face-to-face processes in the way governments work? Making Public Participation Legal, a new publication of the National Civic League, presents a valuable set of tools, including a model ordinance, set of policy options, and resource list, to help communities improve public participation. The publication is being released at a launch event at the Brookings Institution this Wednesday, October 23rd. RSVP today if you can join us! Most of the laws that govern public participation in […] (continue)

Changes coming on the NCDD website!

Hi, folks! We wanted to give you a heads-up about some changes that are coming soon on the website, and to get your input on what should be featured on the main page of the site. First, we’re taking down the Members Network that’s currently up at www.ncdd.org/members. It uses a social network platform that doesn’t really work too well — it’s slow-loading, hard to search and navigate, and our members rarely use it. We’re replacing it with two tools that we think you’ll find more […] (continue)

Catalyst Awards Update at IAP2 Conference Next Week

Attendees of the IAP2 national conference being held in Salt Lake City, UT next week will have the opportunity to learn more about the progress of both NCDD 2012 Catalyst Award projects.  Project representatives, John Spady (National Dialogue Network) and Tim Bonnemann (Real Dialogues), will be hosting the session “Bridge Building and Other Civic Infrastructures — Status of NCDD Catalyst Award Efforts” on Monday from 1:30pm to 3:00pm. Below is the session summary. Presenters will describe their independent and collaborative efforts since receiving grants from the National […] (continue)

Gathering photos of public meetings for Legal Frameworks project

NCDD is working with the Deliberative Democracy Consortium and National Civic League to “crowdsource” some great photos of public meetings.  What photos do you have that you feel depict what “bad” public meetings look like?  And do you have favorite photos that show what “good” public meetings can look like? Send in your photos this week via email, to NCDD’s Creative Director Andy Fluke (andy@ncdd.org). Send in the highest-quality versions you have, and include a by-line (photographer name, where taken, etc.) and verifies that this […] (continue)