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Learn about various projects and goings-on at NCDD (aside from our events): collaborative projects we’re involved in, research we’re undertaking, and topics our community is tackling.

Looking for a job in dialogue & deliberation?

Those of you who are job hunting or looking for consulting opportunities in facilitation and public engagement may want to subscribe to NCDD’s “Making-a-Living listserv.” I’m going to start using our Making-a-Living listserv to share job openings with subscribers, and I’ll encourage subscribers to share job openings they hear about as well.  In the past, I’ve tried to post important job openings on the NCDD blog, and I’ll continue to do my best with that.  But using the list this way will help me share […] (continue)

How can we improve the NCDD Discussion list?

Though NCDD runs a variety of email discussion lists for people who share interests or live in specific regions, our most active listserv by far is the main NCDD Discussion list. The list currently has 1170 subscribers, and people use the list to share news and opportunities in the field, to connect with new people who do D&D work, to get advice quickly, and to discuss issues in our field. Some weeks, the listserv sees just two or three messages, while other weeks see dozens […] (continue)

United? Let’s act like it.

Osama Bin Laden has been brought to justice nearly 10 years after the worst terrorist attack on American soil in our history. I remember well how united we felt as Americans after September 11, 2001. I'm sure every President has called for a "United America" at one time or another -- Clinton had a "One America" initiative focused on uniting Americans across racial lines; Bush focused on the need for a "strong and united" America after 9-11, and Obama talks about the importance of working together across partisan lines in almost every speech. (continue)

Q for NCDD Members: what value does the members network add for you?

Hi, everyone!  As you know, NCDD is doing a full site switchover from thataway.org to ncdd.org.  Our site design is revamped and much improved (in my opinion!), and even our logo has gotten an upgrade. One of the few things left to migrate from the old domain to the new domain is the NCDD Members Network, which is at www.thataway.org/ncddnet.  The Members Network is basically an interactive members directory; a place where our members’ contact info, bios, and links can be found.  I often link […] (continue)

Submit posts directly to the NCDD blog!

NCDD members are encouraged to test out a new feature on the NCDD Community News blog. As part of our continued efforts to make NCDD as self-organized and member-driven as possible, we have created a form on the newly revamped NCDD blog that allows you to submit posts directly to the NCDD blog for review and approval. (continue)

Hashtags for D&D work

Susanna Haas Lyons started an interesting thread on the NCDD listserv tonight on hashtags for dialogue and deliberation.  Hashtags (or tags) help people find content on particular topics or events on social media sites like Twitter.  We’ve used tags like “ncdd” or “ncddaustin” at our events, so attendees (and non-attendees) can follow each other’s tweets. Susanna observed that it would be great to have a hashtag we could all use, so we can track each other’s contributions and discussions. There’s a new tag called #demopart […] (continue)

What would YOU like to Confab about?

I’d like to get your ideas on topics for future NCDD Confabs: conference calls and webinars for NCDD members where we explore key issues in the dialogue & deliberation community and encourage new connections among members. We held several great Confabs last year before we became neck-deep in planning the regional events.  We held a webinar with Beth Offenbacker to talk about an upcoming Public Decisions online conference, a conference call with John Engle to discuss the role our community members could play in disaster […] (continue)

Rich discussion on best practices for virtual meetings in NCDD LinkedIn group

Have you joined NCDD’s LinkedIn group yet?  The group has about 800 members, and it’s a great way to stay updated on what’s happening in the field and connect with new people who work in dialogue and deliberation.  We’ve had some rich discussions there as well, like the one on “Groundrules necessary to make the best of virtual meetings” initiated by Martin Pearson about a month ago. Martin wrote that he was starting to use Skype more for meetings, and asked group members if they […] (continue)

Seeking Input for the Deliberative Democracy Workshop Today

NCDD’s director, Sandy Heierbacher, is in Sydney, Australia taking part in a meeting with other leaders in the deliberative democracy community and is seeking input from all of NCDD on the project proposals being introduced… Hello from Sydney, everyone! Our group of top practitioners, academics and network leaders in deliberative democracy is inviting YOUR input on which of  the proposals that have been emerging here should go forwarded for seed funding. I’d love to see lots of NCDDers voting on these proposals at http://bit.ly/eMz5nC . Don’t wait, […] (continue)

The Citizens’ Toolbox: What’s in Yours?

NCDD is a proud sponsor of The Citizens’ Toolbox: What’s In Yours? — a conference aimed at connecting students with those engaged in a broad and varied set of experiments and projects in Dialogue and Deliberation and other tenets of civic and democratic life. Join us March 16-19 at Miami University of Ohio in Oxford, Ohio, as we all ask what’s in our own toolboxes, and open those up for each other to explore and engage. Join us in this opportunity to share and gain […] (continue)