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Learn about various projects and goings-on at NCDD (aside from our events): collaborative projects we’re involved in, research we’re undertaking, and topics our community is tackling.

Updating NCDD’s Membership Structure

I wanted to announce some exciting changes the NCDD Board recently decided on for our membership structure.  I think these are sound decisions that retain NCDD’s principles of inclusion and accessibility while ensuring that dues can help NCDD be more fiscally sustainable. Here’s an outline of the changes: 1.  We’re moving away from identifying people as “dues-paying members” and “non-dues-paying members.”  If you aren’t paying dues (which are optional, after all), we’ll simply call you a “Member” of NCDD (imagine that!).  However, if you do […] (continue)

Quick Links for Today’s Confab Call

Update: Thanks to everyone able to join us today, with a special thank you to Susanna for sharing details about her project! Links to both the audio from the call, and the cooperative Google doc worked on during the call, can be found below. It was a really great call and we were happy that so many people could join us. Look for news about our next Confab Call soon. Blog post with more details on today’s Confab with NCDD member Susanna Haas Lyons: www.ncdd.org/5200 […] (continue)

Resource Spotlight: The Triangle of Engagement

I just came across the listing for this paper in the NCDD Resource Center and was reminded of how interesting this work by John May really is.  The article was published in an issue of Public Money and Management back in 2007, and it has some notable implications for those of you working to engage people in in-depth dialogue and deliberation efforts — both online and face-to-face. The article was written primarily for practitioners and commissioners of public participation and community engagement.  It introduces the […] (continue)

Feedback wanted on the NCDD Resource Center

Hi, everyone! I wanted to get some feedback from NCDDers and site visitors about the new main page of the Resource Center, and the navigation options in the sidebar. The NCDD Resource Center, at www.ncdd.org/rc, connects visitors with over 2,500 resources:  dialogue guides, evaluation tools, videos, books, articles, case studies, organizations, graphic recorders, handouts, charts, and more. We’ve been doing a lot of work in recent months to make the Resource Center as user-friendly as possible. Run on WordPress software, the Resource Center features the […] (continue)

NCDD Confab call on 6/29 featuring Susanna Haas Lyons

Update: Thanks goes out to all the 40 participants that joined us for today’s call, with a special thanks to Susanna for sharing details of her program. You can find out more about the call here, including the working document we assembled during the call and the confab’s audio. — Join us on Wednesday, June 29th from 2:00 to 3:00 EST for an NCDD Confab call with Susanna Haas Lyons.  Susanna will be sharing some of her learnings and observations from an interesting Facebook app-based […] (continue)

You’re Invited: Conference call on dialogue & deliberation

I’ll be serving as one of two guest speakers on conference call on dialogue and deliberation next Thursday, June 23rd, from 4-5pm Eastern. This is one of a new series of conference calls being organized by Community Matters (an initiative inspired by the Orton Family Foundation), and I’m honored to be participating. The folks at Community Matters and Orton welcome NCDDers on the call, so I’m extending their invitation to you.  I hope to hear some NCDD folks on the call! Here’s a brief description […] (continue)

Looking for a job in dialogue & deliberation?

Those of you who are job hunting or looking for consulting opportunities in facilitation and public engagement may want to subscribe to NCDD’s “Making-a-Living listserv.” I’m going to start using our Making-a-Living listserv to share job openings with subscribers, and I’ll encourage subscribers to share job openings they hear about as well.  In the past, I’ve tried to post important job openings on the NCDD blog, and I’ll continue to do my best with that.  But using the list this way will help me share […] (continue)

How can we improve the NCDD Discussion list?

Though NCDD runs a variety of email discussion lists for people who share interests or live in specific regions, our most active listserv by far is the main NCDD Discussion list. The list currently has 1170 subscribers, and people use the list to share news and opportunities in the field, to connect with new people who do D&D work, to get advice quickly, and to discuss issues in our field. Some weeks, the listserv sees just two or three messages, while other weeks see dozens […] (continue)

United? Let’s act like it.

Osama Bin Laden has been brought to justice nearly 10 years after the worst terrorist attack on American soil in our history. I remember well how united we felt as Americans after September 11, 2001. I'm sure every President has called for a "United America" at one time or another -- Clinton had a "One America" initiative focused on uniting Americans across racial lines; Bush focused on the need for a "strong and united" America after 9-11, and Obama talks about the importance of working together across partisan lines in almost every speech. (continue)

Q for NCDD Members: what value does the members network add for you?

Hi, everyone!  As you know, NCDD is doing a full site switchover from thataway.org to ncdd.org.  Our site design is revamped and much improved (in my opinion!), and even our logo has gotten an upgrade. One of the few things left to migrate from the old domain to the new domain is the NCDD Members Network, which is at www.thataway.org/ncddnet.  The Members Network is basically an interactive members directory; a place where our members’ contact info, bios, and links can be found.  I often link […] (continue)