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2018 End-of-Year Fund Drive

Help NCDD rise to the challenge! Please make a contribution to NCDD during our end of the year fund drive, and help us continue to serve our extraordinary community of innovators.

This year marks the sweet 16th birthday of NCDD, which provides us a great time to reflect and be intentional in our vision for the future. The 2018 National Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation was a phenomenal experience that gave us inspiration, connection, and a drive to continue to build this Coalition. While this was our largest and most diverse conference yet, there is still so much room to grow and do better – and we are excited to rise to that challenge.

Since 2002, NCDD has served as a hub, resource clearinghouse, and facilitative leader for the dialogue and deliberation community.  Together, we have achieved extraordinary connection and progress across our field and beyond, in particularly polarizing times in our world. Learn more about NCDD’s accomplishments.

We are turning to our community to help ensure that NCDD remains strong to continue to serve in these valuable roles and to help keep this network connected. An honest fact is it’s really tough for organizations like NCDD to fundraise and be sustainable because it is a network of organizations, practitioners, and volunteers. Most of the members understandably have to focus on their own organizations and efforts. But networks like NCDD are critical to build a community of practice and grow the field. We can’t do this work without you, and that means giving your time, talents, and resources to NCDD – and your financial support through donations and membership is one of the most important ways to do that.

Therefore, are asking you to contribute to the organization’s end of year fund drive. Our goal is $10,000. As always, your donations and membership dues are tax deductible. Contribute today or join/renew your membership!

A Huge Thank You to Our Giving Tuesday Champions!

Please join us in a HUGE round of applause for the individuals who donated to NCDD as part of Giving Tuesday! It is thanks to these incredible champions of dialogue and deliberation that we were able to raise almost $3,300! We recognize you have a lot of great organizations to support on Giving Tuesday and so we are even more humbled and grateful for the support.

Want to help NCDD further? Help us match the contributions of these 41 champions with a contribution to NCDD!

Thank you so much to the following folks for their generous contributions:

Paula Atkinson
Lisa Beutler
Ulf Bley
Barbara Brown
Martin Carcasson
Susan Stuart Clark
Lark Corbeil
Cobie DeLespinasse
Linda Denton
Julie Marett Forbush
Michael Freedman
Cheryl Graeve
Ellen Griffin
Sandy Heierbacher
Jacob Hess
Peggy Holman
Betty Knighton
Mette Kreutzmann
Jen Lade
Steve Lee
Diane Miller
Avril Orloff
Bill Potapchuk
Jeff Prudhomme
Bettye Pruitt
Christine Plourde Reed
Christine Whitney Sanchez
Carol Scott
Landon Shultz
Bruce Schuman
Stephen Silha
Lisa Singh
Jim Snow
Helen Spector
Allan Steiner
Gail Stone
Mary Thompson
Vicki Totten
Linda Urban
Jay Vincent
Wendy Willis

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