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Apply to Present at NCDD 2018

We’re interested in finding many creative ways to highlight the best of what’s happening in public engagement, group process, community problem-solving, and arts-based dialogue at NCDD 2018 — and we know you have lots of ideas! We can’t wait to see what you’d like to offer.

See www.ncdd.org/26191 for more details about what the planning team and NCDD conference attendees are looking for.

  • Session Details

  • Please include details about what participants in your session will learn or gain, and what they will be doing. And please go light on the jargon!
  • Your session is most appropriate for people with what level of experience in or knowledge about dialogue, deliberation, and public engagement? Workshops are needed at all of these levels.
  • Presenter Details

  • City and State -- plus country if not U.S.
  • (two to three sentences about yourself and your work)
  • Info About Your Co-Presenters

    Note: Having co-presenters is not required, but it is strongly recommended. None of our workshops at the last NCDD conference had a sole presenter.
  • City and State -- plus country if not U.S.
  • (two to three sentences about this presenter and their work)
  • Please enter the names, titles, organizations/schools, and email addresses of any additional co-presenters in this field.
  • Please tell us a little about the presenters' experience facilitating or presenting to diverse groups using varied presentation formats. (In other words, reassure us you will not be simply giving a speech or going over a Powerpoint!)
  • Additional Details

  • Breakout rooms are equipped with chairs, a table for materials, a flip chart, tape and markers (at the very least). List any additional A/V or other equipment you require for your session here. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, within reason. Though please note that we discourage PowerPoint-centric sessions.
  • Use this text box to share additional details about your session to help the team make decisions. A brief outline of your session would be most appreciated! Also, if you're still working on obtaining agreement from co-presenters, or you're open to being paired up with others proposing similar topics, let us know here.