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Nancy Glock-Grueneich
President; VP Research
HIGHER Edge; Intellitics, Inc.
San José
United States


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Organizational Member (contact)
I am currently President of HIGHER EDge, a non-profit dedicated to building our capacity for a livable future, and on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Public Participation. I have forty years experience facilitating complex and contentious conversations among diverse constituencies. I occasionally mediate, facilitate and consult on visioning, strategizing, organizational development, movement-building and community action, for local officials, NGO’s and citizen initiatives. I’m seem to be best at helping people to find their way through especially sticky problems and to understand each other better. And I have a passion for eliciting and enabling cooperation, and sharing the emerging solutions to seemingly intractable problems. These stories, and tools, offer hope and guidance as we cope, worldwide, in with what are likely to be–unless we are awfully fast in changing things, the toughest times our species has ever faced. And they offer some of what we need to make the most out of what may also prove to be times with greater potential than we’ve ever had for making a new kind of world, if only out of necessity–one that works for all.
Member Since
February 7, 2007
Renewal Due
December 9, 2015

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