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Discover the Secrets of Successful Community Engagement

We are pleased to share the announcement below about a great workshop coming up this October 8 in Vancouver. NCDD Supporting Member Mark Pivon of Bang the Table shared this announcement via our great Submit-to-Blog Form. Do you have news you want to share with the NCDD network? Just click here to submit your news post for the NCDD Blog!

On October 8th, direct from Australia, Bang The Table’s CEO Matt Crozier, will deliver a free, fun and interactive workshop where he will reveal the Top Ten Best Practices of Community Engagement, distilled from thousands of events held by communities across Canada, and around the world.

Register here

Did you know, every week over 50 new consultations are launched using EngagementHQ? Over 140 organizations are currently engaging communities and stakeholders in important consultations this very moment. Organizations like The Canadian Department of the Environment, Alberta Energy Regulator, The City of Mississauga, The Regional Municipality of Halifax, The Vancouver Port Authority, The Vancouver Airport Authority, The Richmond School Board, The City of Richmond and dozens of others have chosen EngagementHQ and Budget Allocator from Bang The Table. What are they doing to ensure success? How are citizens (more…)

NCDD EventsNCDD Events

Register for NCDD’s October 15th Confab on Brain Science

Join us on Thursday, October 15th for NCDD’s next “Confab Call.” We’ll be talking with NCDD Members Mary Gelinas and Susan Stuart Clark about how brain science supports constructive dialogue and deliberation. The confab will take place from 2-3pm Eastern (11am-12pm Pacific). Register today to secure your spot!

What’s happening “beneath the surface” when peopConfab bubble imagele are participating in public meetings? Many conveners are nervous about emotions: those of the public and sometimes even their own. Understanding what evokes the potentially difficult emotions of fear and anger as well as the potentially constructive sense of compassion and hope, along with the conditions that help people notice and effectively manage such emotions, is critical to designing and conducting productive processes.

Mary V. Gelinas of Gelinas James, Inc. and Susan Stuart Clark of Common Knowledge both use the burgeoning findings from brain science to work with clients and plan interactive group processes that use emotions skillfully to help groups find common ground. They also use it to prepare themselves to facilitate such processes. They will share highlights about: (more…)

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PCP Launches 3 New Workshops this Fall

The good folks with Public Conversations Project (PCP) recently announced that they will offer three new workshops (and one of their classics) over the course of the next season, and we encourage our members to consider attending them! PCP shared the announcement below with us detailing the offerings, and you can find more info on their workshops by clicking here.

PCP new logoPublic Conversations Project: Fall 2015 Workshops

At the core of many of today’s most complex social problems is a breakdown in relationships that leads to mistrust, gridlock, and fractured communities. Our method, Reflective Structured Dialogue, addresses the heart of this breakdown: we work to shift relationships, building the communication skills and trust needed to make action possible and collaboration sustainable. Reflective Structured Dialogue helps participants engage in constructive, often groundbreaking conversations that can restore trust and lay the foundation for collaborative action.

Public Conversations provides workshops in facilitation, dialogue and communication to equip people in this field to communicate more effectively. In addition to our flagship workshop (Power of Dialogue), Public Conversations is offering three new workshops this fall that delve deeper into specific components of our work. To learn more about Public Conversations, find more information on our workshops and continuing education opportunities, and register for our workshops, please visit our website. All of the workshops listed will take place in the Greater Boston area.

Inside Out: Leading from a Connected Place (Oct. 2, 8:30AM – 5:00PM)

Learn how to harness (more…)

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Join PACE Webinar on Civic Renewal Movement, 9/23

We encourage our members to join a webinar this Sept. 23 at 2pm EST to hear two of our distinguished NCDD members Peter Levine and Joan Blades, as well as former NCDD conference keynote Eric Liu discuss the implications a new paper on the civic renewal movement. The webinar, hosted by NCDD member organization PACE, will certainly be of interest to many of our members, so we encourage you to read their announcement below or register here.

PACE LogoOn September 23 at 2 p.m. Eastern, PACE will hold a webinar to present and discuss the recent paper, “America’s Civic Renewal Movement: A View from Organizational Leaders.” Registration is complimentary but required.

This paper explores current sentiments toward civic engagement and identifies opportunities and challenges to expanding our civic infrastructure. This webinar and accompanying conversation will explore philanthropy’s role in supporting and engaging in this movement, and how practitioners perceive foundations’ willingness to partner on these efforts.

Presenters include the report authors, Peter Levine (Tufts University) and Eric Liu (Citizen University), as well as Kelly Born of the Hewlett Foundation and Joan Blades of the Living Room Conversations project.

We hope you will join us for this discussion.

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Support NICD’s Crowdfunding Campaign for Text, Talk, Act

Earlier this morning, one of our great NCDD organizational members, the National Institute for Civil Discourse, launched an online crowdfunding campaign to support the important work of Text, Talk, Act (TTA) – an amazing youth dialogue program that gets young people talking and taking action around the difficult issue of mental health – and we want to encourage our members to support the effort!

TTA is one of the most successful programs to have come out of the Creating Community Solutions (CCS) initiative that the White House launched in 2013 as a vehicle for national conversation on mental health, and as one of the steering organizations for CCS, NCDD has been a supporter since the beginning. We’ve seen the impact that TTA can have in teens’ lives, so we want to join with NICD to urge you to consider making a tax-deductible donation in support of this important work by clicking here.

Text, Talk, Act dialogues can literally save lives, so please consider making a donation today! You can also help spread the word by sharing the link to the campaign on social media: https://crowdfund.arizona.edu/TTAhero.

All of the funds raised in the crowdfunding campaign will go directly to support TTA programming by providing text messaging technology, materials for youth organizers, outreach coordination, and more. The more that you can help us raise in this crowdfunding effort, the more young people that will be engaged in these important conversations about taking care of and finding support for their mental health.

For more info, you can watch NICD’s promotional video on the project below: (more…)

From the CommunityFrom the Community

Sign up for September’s Tech Tuesday with QiqoChat

Registration is now open for September’s Tech Tuesday event featuring QiqoChat. Join us for this FREE event Tuesday, September 29th from 12:00-1:00pm Eastern/9:00-10:00am Pacific.

QiqoChat is a tool for phone-based dialogue and video chat.  It supports Tech_Tuesday_Badgedialogue methods such as online open space, Conversation Cafe, and liberating structures.

We will be joined by Lucas Cioffi and Michael Herman, who will provide a demonstration of the QiqoChat platform and discuss the lessons learned from hosting two open space conferences for the worldwide community of open space facilitators.

NCDD Member Lucas Cioffi served on the board of NCDD for three years.  He is an Iraq War veteran and is the software developer that built QiqoChat. Michael Herman been a facilitator and trainer of many methods and approaches since 1991 and an active Open Space community member since 1996. Michael and Lucas co-convened the first ever “virtual open space on open space” gathering in July 2015.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about this platform and how it has been utilized – register today!

Tech Tuesdays are a series of learning events from NCDD focused on technology for engagement. These 1-hour events are designed to help dialogue and deliberation practitioners get a better sense of the online engagement landscape and how they can take advantage of the myriad opportunities available to them. You do not have to be a member of NCDD to participate in our Tech Tuesday learning events.


Get 20% Off NCDD Membership & Renewal During Membership Drive!

Hi, everybody!  To round out our summer membership drive, we wanted to offer a special incentive for any of you XS Purple NCDD logowho have not yet renewed or upgraded your membership.

For the rest of the week, you can save 20% on all membership types and upgrades by entering “SUMMER-DRIVE” in the discount field in any of these three forms:

You can even renew for two years with the discount!

As always, you can look yourself up in the member directory at www.ncdd.org/directory to see what your member type is (“Member” means you’re non-dues, so please upgrade to Supporting Membership today!), and what your renewal due date is (if it is in the past, you’re lapsed, so it’s time to renew for sure!).  Or just send an email to office manager extraordinaire Joy Garman, at joy@ncdd.org, and she’ll let you know your status.

IMG_2123We know you appreciate the work NCDD does, and many of you are already supporting, sustaining, and organizational members.  But for those who aren’t, please consider upgrading or renewing this week.  Your support means the world to us, and helps us continue serving this amazing community.

Feel free to encourage other friends and colleagues to join NCDD this week using the SUMMER-DRIVE code – anyone can use it.

And as always, thank you for investing in the future of NCDD!

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Public Engagement: The Vital Leadership Skill

We are pleased to share the announcement below about a great workshop led by several NCDD members this October 22. NCDD Supporting Member Mary Gelinas shared this announcement via our great Submit-to-Blog Form. Do you have news you want to share with the NCDD network? Just click here to submit your news post for the NCDD Blog!

Engaging the public in planning and policy making is a vital skill for leaders in all sectors, not just in government.

Join us for a half-day workshop on Public Engagement: The Vital Leadership Skill led by Pete Peterson and Carol Rische on Thursday, Oct. 22nd from 9am to 12pm at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center in Eureka, CA.

Pete Peterson is the director of the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership at Pepperdine University (and also an NCDD member). He speaks nationally on issues related to public participation and the use of technology to make government more responsive and transparent.

Carol Rische is the former General Manager of the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District where she successfully led an award-winning, community based water resource planning process to address issues facing the District and our community.

If you are interested in becoming more effective in engaging the public in addressing tough issues, this workshop is for you. During this practical and interactive seminar you will learn: (more…)

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DeKalb, IL Plans for Future with Conversation Cafe Model

We recently heard the story of an exciting project that the City of DeKalb undertook to engage citizens in its strategic planning process that we wanted to share here. With a few of our NCDD members’ help, DeKalb held a series of Conversation Cafe-style public meetings and will turn the input they gathered into a 10-year vision for the city. We encourage you to read more about the process in NCDD member Tracy Rogers-Tryba‘s write up of the project below.

The City of DeKalb enlisted the assistance of the Center for Governmental Studies at Northern Illinois University to embark upon a multi-year, collaborative, grassroots strategic planning effort. Utilizing a modified Conversation Cafe model, the City has turned to city residents, students, workers and employers to share their ideas about DeKalb’s future. Responses to these questions will help shape a vision for the City of DeKalb.

The goal is to provide an understanding of the City’s assets and improvement opportunities, suggestions for change strategies, and ways for the City to maintain ongoing dialogue and communication with people who live, work or attend school in DeKalb.

“These meetings have been excellent opportunities for us to (more…)

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Guide to Choosing Tools for Digital Engagement

Choosing the right methods for digital engagement can be disorienting, and that’s why we were happy to find this helpful guide to picking appropriate e-democracy tools that Geoff Mulgan of Nesta recently published at www.nesta.org.uk. The guide is aimed at supporting public officials, but can be helpful for anyone looking to engage stakeholders in decision making. We encourage you to check out Geoff’s piece below or find the original Nesta post here.

Designing Digital Democracy: A Short Guide

I’ve written quite a few blogs and pieces on digital technology and democracy – most recently on the relevance of new-style political parties.

Here I look at the practical question of how parliaments, assemblies and governments should choose the right methods for greater public engagement in decisions.

One prompt is the Nesta-led D-CENT project which is testing out new tools in several countries, and there’s an extraordinary range of engagement experiments underway around the world, from Brazil’s parliament to the Mayor of Paris. Tools like Loomio for smallish groups, and Your Priorities and DemocracyOS for larger ones, are well ahead of their equivalents a few years ago.

A crucial question is whether the same tools work well for different types of issue or context. The short answer is ‘no’. Here I suggest some simple formulae to ensure that the right tools are used for the right issues; I show why (more…)