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IAF N. American Conference Content Proposals due Jan. 24

We want to make sure that NCDD members are aware of a great opportunity to participate in – and maybe present at – the International Association of Facilitators‘s 2015 North American Conference (IAFNA 2015), which will be taking place this May 14th – 16th in Alberta, Canada. The conference has recently released a call for proposals, and NCDD members are encouraged to submit conference proposals before the January 24th deadline.

Iiaf logoAF was one of the wonderful co-sponsors of our NCDD 2014 conference, and we know that IAFNA 2015 will be a great event that NCDD members will find useful. We want to thank them for supporting NCDD, and we hope you will support them as well!

The theme of IAFNA 2015 is Innovating, Promoting and Applying. This is a bit more on how IAF Canada, who is hosting the event, describes the conference:

The IAFNA 2015 Conference will weave the three learning streams Face-To-Face, Graphic (Visual), and Virtual through the Conference themes of Innovating, Promoting and Applying facilitation expertise. Additionally, the Saturday morning sessions will focus exclusively on how these three streams may be applied in Indigenous/Multi-Cultural situations within any nations. Coupled with the less structured other three half-days, we‘re inviting a wide variety of educational opportunities for our Delegates.

If you are interested in submitting a workshop proposal, you can get started by (more…)

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NIF Hosts Live Conversation on Higher Ed & Work, Jan. 21

We want to encourage you to watch the live broadcast of a key conversation event that the National Issues Forums Institute & the Kettering Foundation – both NCDD organizational members – are hosting on Jan. 21st on the role of higher education in our country and in the economy. You can learn more below or read the original NIF announcement here.

Join us for a national conversation on The Changing World of Work: What Should We Ask of Higher Education?

NIF logoOn Wednesday, January 21, 2015, from 9 am-noon, the National Issues Forums Institute will stream the event live from the National Press Club on the all-new nifi.org.

Speakers and panelists include:

  • Jamie Studley, Deputy Under Secretary of Education
  • Nancy Cantor, Chancellor, Rutgers University-Newark
  • David Mathews, President, Kettering Foundation
  • Harry Boyte, Senior Scholar in Public Philosophy, Augsburg College
  • William Muse, President, National Issues Forums Institute
  • Other distinguished leaders from policymaking institutions, business, and civic and community groups

Organized by the National Issues Forums Institute, the American Commonwealth Partnership at Augsburg College, and the Kettering Foundation, this conversation responds to concerns voiced by thousands of citizens in more than 160 local forums in which (more…)

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“Resilient Communities” Conference Call from CM, Jan. 22

We are pleased to invite NCDD members once again to join CommunityMatters – a joint partnership that NCDD is proud to be a member of – for the next installation in their capacity-building call series. This month’s call on “Resilient Communities”, CM_logo-200pxand it will be taking place on Thursday, January 22nd, from 2-3pm Eastern Time.

The folks at CM describe the upcoming call like this:

Our communities are constantly changing. Most changes are gradual and predictable – a new store opens on Main Street, newcomers come to town and priorities shift. But, sometimes change is abrupt, unexpected – a major natural disaster or an epidemic.

How can your city or town best prepare for unanticipated change? What will help your community respond to challenges not only to bounce back, but to become stronger than ever?

Michael Crowley, senior program officer, Institute for Sustainable Communities, and Christine Morris, chief resilience officer with the City of Norfolk, Virginia, join CommunityMatters for an hour-long conference call on January 22. They’ll share ideas about and lessons learned from building resilient communities.

We highly encourage you to save the date and register for the call today by clicking here.

Before you join the call, we also suggest that you check out the blog piece on boosting community resilience that Caitlyn Davison recently posted on the CM blog to accompany the call. You can read her piece below, or  (more…)

From the CommunityFrom the Community

Officials’ Public Engagement Fears & 3 Reasons to Overcome Them

We want to share a great piece from our partners at Public Agenda – one of our NCDD organizational members that helped sponsor NCDD 2014 – that highlights some of the fears about public engagement that government officials shared during a workshop hosted by the Participatory Budgeting Project, another NCDD organizational member, at this year’s gathering of the National League of Cities. You can read how PA responds to such concerns – and get ideas for how you can, as well -in the post below.

We thank Public Agenda for their continued support of NCDD and for their leadership in the field, and we encourage you to read their piece below or find the original by clicking here.

Three Ways Deeper Engagement Improves the Relationship Between Officials and Residents

PublicAgenda-logoby Allison Rizzolo

Our local public officials are thirsty for better and deeper ways to engage the people they serve. This is a sentiment I heard again and again during last month’s National League of Cities Congress of Cities in Austin.

The sentiment was cast in sharp relief during a workshop on participatory budgeting that I attended as part of the conference. Our partners at the Participatory Budgeting Project (PBP for short) presented to a variety of elected and appointed officials from cities across the country.

Participatory budgeting is a process through which residents are active partners in local budget decisions. We are partnering with PBP on research and evaluation of participatory budgeting processes in communities across the country.

During the workshop in Austin, PBP’s Josh Lerner and Maria Hadden provided participants with practical tools and training to launch participatory budgeting in their communities and better engage their constituents in local budget decisions.

Josh and Maria opened the workshop by asking participants about the barriers to constituent engagement that they face in their communities. Participants also talked about what they were hoping to get out of the conference to address those challenges. This conversation revealed a number of difficulties that local officials share when it comes to engaging their (more…)

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Public Engagement Training from Annette Strauss Insitute Feb. 25-27

We hope that NCDD members will take advantage of a great public engagement training being offered this February 25th-27th by the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life – one of the NCDD organizational members who partnered with us to sponsor NCDD 2014. The early bird registration deadline for the trainings is January 30th, so make sure to register ASAP!

NCDD would like to thank the Annette Strauss Institute for their continued support of our work and for their leadership in the field. You can learn more about the training from ASICL’s announcement below or by clicking here.

Facilitating Civic Dialogue and Consensus Seminar

ASI_horiz.spotAre you often in a position where you’re making decisions that affect large populations?  Do you frequently feel political pressure from multiple directions?  Do you feel as if you are often unsure of what the public wants, or perhaps you only hear from the same, small group of citizens?

The Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life at The University of Texas at Austin is offering a 3-day seminar that will help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to enrich your engagement with the public. Join us to boost your skills on:

  • Creating customized strategies for engaging the public;
  • Facilitating difficult conversations involving competing viewpoints;
  • Bringing an array of stakeholders to consensus; and,
  • Utilizing innovative technology for public engagement.

This seminar will help you develop the knowledge, tools, and skill sets to (more…)

From the CommunityFrom the Community

NCDD Member Orgs Form New PB Research Board

In case you missed it, the Participatory Budgeting Project and Public Agenda – two key NCDD organizational members – announced last fall that they have formed the first North American research board to study the participatory budgeting process. Not only is this an important and exciting development for the field, but we are proud to count two NCDD members – Matt Leighninger and Paolo Spada – among the new board. Read the announcement below or find the original version here.

PBP and Public Agenda are facilitating the launch of the North American Participatory Budgeting Research Board with various participatory budgeting (PB) evaluators, academics, and researchers. Shortly after the 3rd International Conference on PB in North America, we came together in Oakland for our first meeting.

The goal of the board is to support the evaluation of PB processes across the US and Canada and guide a broader research agenda for PB. Over the years of PB in North America, many board members have already been informally collaborating and supporting one another’s work. With the rapid growth of PB in North America we see the importance of establishing the formal infrastructure to further strengthen and promote the research and evaluation.

The First Meeting and Historical Context

On a Sunday morning in Oakland in September, a group of leading researchers and evaluators converged at the PBP office for (more…)

From the CommunityFrom the Community

Public Conversations Project Rolls Out New Website

We are pleased to share that our partners with the Public Conversations Project – one of our great NCDD organizational members that helped sponsor NCDD 2014 – just announced the roll out of their brand new website this week.

PCP’s new website is dynamic, user-friendly, and home to a good deal of content that NCDD members will find useful, including free dialogue resources, stories of dialogue across the world, and information on their approach. They sent out an email announcing the change today, and here’s what PCP had to say: (more…)


NCDD’s Year In Numbers infographic is out!

2014 was a great year for the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation! Designed by our co-founder Andy Fluke, this end-of-year infographic highlights NCDD’s growth and activity during the past twelve months.

Please share this post with all those you think should know there’s an amazing community of innovators in public engagement and group process work they can tap into or join in with.

Infographic showing NCDD's growth and activity in 2014

Also be sure to look over the great Year-in-Review post at www.ncdd.org/17033, where we summarize 2014’s activities, accomplishments and highlights. It has been quite the year!

In addition to sharing this post and/or just the image above, feel free to download the print-quality PDF.

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Community-Police Dialogue Resources from ED

The tragic killings of two NYPD officers last month has continued to ripple through our communities and our conversations as the officers’ funerals finished this weekend. As the incident and the #BlackLivesMatter movement continue to drive conversations about police-community relationships in our country, we want to highlight the resource below from Everyday Democracy – an NCDD organizational member – for those using this moment to have these much-needed conversations.

You can read ED’s post below or find the original here. We also encourage you to look into ED’s other police-community conversation resources by clicking here.

Strategies to Take Action and Build Trust Between the Community and the Police

EvDem LogoIn the wake of recent events in Ferguson and New York City, there has been a call for a new way of building relationships with the police. Leaders want to provide ways for people to have a voice, work across divides and establish equitable policing that is accountable to the community.

In our work over the past 25 years, Everyday Democracy has partnered with several diverse coalitions that have created large-scale dialogue and change processes to address community-police relations.  Though there is much to be done in communities across our country, we know from experience that change is possible.

While recognizing the complexity of the issue, we want to share some strategies you can use to create positive change in community-police relations where you live: (more…)


NCDD in 2014: A Year in Review

2014 was a pretty darn good year for NCDD. As I reflect on our work over the past twelve months, a few themes really stand out to me:

1. We made huge strides toward our goal of distributing leadership and responsibility for NCDD’s success more broadly.

The members of our amazing Board of Directors really stepped up this year, to launch new committees on membership, outreach and fundraising, to help plan a great national conference, and to strengthen the organization in numerous other ways. Special shout-outs to these Board members for especially huge lifts:

  • Marla Crockett for leading our local team for the 2014 conference
  • Susan Stuart Clark for running our Tech Tuesday series in 2014
  • RoshanWithSign-borderJohn Backman for moderating the NCDD Discussion list — a nuanced task I didn’t think I’d ever be able to let go of!

Roshan Bliss, our Blog Curator (pictured at right), began taking on more responsibility at NCDD by serving as our Student & Youth Outreach Coordinator for the 2014 conference. Thanks in large part to Roshan’s leadership and dedication, we inspired members of our community to donate over $15,000, enabling us to support the attendance of more than 60 young people and students at the 2014 NCDD conference.

And most importantly, we were able to bring on Courtney Breese as Program Director of NCDD!  A young leader in the field, Courtney served on the NCDD Board of Directors for three years while working full-time at the Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration. She served as Conference Manager for NCDD’s last two national conferences. We have a wonderful working relationship, as is evidenced in the photo below — and the fact that we survived working on two conferences together! ;)

NCDD's Year in Review