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Sufi Peace-Making Training Coming Up in Boston

Learn The Sufi Way of Peace-Making March 16-18 in Boston, MA. Led by Nura Laird, M.Ed., workshop participants will learn a spiritual tool that helps diffuse strong emotions and establish reconciliation and connection as well as learn heart communication that will bring people to a higher level. Applicable to every situation in life that necessitates communication whether with family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, clients or others. Participants learn to hear what is really being said by the other person and not by the surface words and learn the difference between heart and mind communication and when each is valuable. Open to all adults and young people of all backgrounds, beliefs and faiths, the workshop will be held at Copper Beech Montessori School, 79 Amory St, Boston/Jamaica Plain, MA. Workshop fee: $200 Fri evening intro only-$25 Discounts-Find 2 people, you come for free or 3 people come as a group and share the savings at $135@. Students-$100. For registration & questions contact Carol Lee at 617-721-5215 or cmeilee@aol.com.

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Poll Finds Growing Support for Citizen Journalism

Lars Torres recently sent out an interesting report on the impact that citizen journalism is having on the future of journalism. The press release starts:

Most Americans say bloggers and citizen reporters will play a vital role in journalism’s future

Online survey finds general public, media conference attendees agree that traditional news outlets could do a better.

Zogby has released details of a new research project referenced at least week’s We Media Miami forum, with some fascinating findings and implications for the future of journalism. We see, clearly, a broad shift in how people access, create, share and apply information – and, besides that, a broad understanding, among Americans, of this shift.

Here‘s the full press release with details. Lars makes the point that this report goes “back to this central idea that the D&D community has a tremendous assets to offer journalists, and the “industry” is poised to enter an environment that can make the connexions real!”

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News on Deliberative Polling in Europe

Bill Corbett at CitizenSovereignty.org writes of two deliberative polls held recently in Ireland and Italy:  In Omagh, Northern Ireland on January 27, the first Deliberative Poll in a deeply divided society found common ground for non-sectarian improvement of schools. And a Deliberative Poll in Rome on January 8 clarified budget priorities for the region –  for information on these deliberative polls, visit the Center for Deliberative Democracy Website  (http://cdd.stanford.edu/polls/index.html) and click on the link to each country.

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"Film Series an Agent for Change"

NCDD friend Ruth Yellowhawk just sent us a story about her work putting together a film series as part of the Indigenous Issues Forum in Rapid City, South Dakota. In her story “Film Series an Agent for Change,” Kristin Donnan Standard, Journal columnist writes:

“Maybe everyone else in the area has known about the Community Cinema Series since last September, when the first film ran. Maybe everyone else has attended one of the documentaries on challenging subjects and participated in the discussion group. But for those of us who are new to the program – and are interested in fun, easy, grassroots ways to begin that seemingly insurmountable task of “making a difference” -these events are just the ticket.

Facilitated locally by the Indigenous Issues Forum (IIF), the series of documentaries currently on tap has been produced by ITVS, Independent Television Services. Each covers what IIF founding member Ruth Yellowhawk calls “marginalized, undertold stories.”

Click here for more on the story.

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Initiatives of Change Conference Program Available Online

The program for the 2007 Initiatives of Change summer conferences in Caux is now available online. Initiatives of Change is a global network open to people of all nationalities, cultures, religions, and beliefs, who work towards change, locally and globally, starting with change in their own lives. The theme for this summer’s conference is “Trust across the world’s divides? Dignity for all?” In all, there will be six week-long conferences on “Values, Responsibility and Leadership,” “Building Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy,” “A Grassroots Dialogue of Civilizations,” “Openness and Trust across Generations,” “Tools for Change” and “Can Integrity, Respect and Trust lead to Dignity for all?” Check out the conference website for more information on opportunities to participate: www.caux.ch/en/program.php.

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NIF Moderator and Framing Training Coming Up in March

The College of DuPage Public Policy Institute near Chicago will hold National Issues Forums Moderator Training and Issue Framing Training on March 19-20 and March 21-23, respectively. National Issues Forums offer citizens the opportunity to join together to deliberate, to make choices with others about ways to approach difficult issues and to work toward creating reasoned public judgment, and moderators play a key role in the success of these discussions. (For more information on NIF, visit NCDD’s resources section). Register for the training now at www.cod.edu/ppi, as openings are limited. Contact Cynthia Johnson, PPI Director, at (630) 942-3872 for more information.

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Jewish-Arab Dialogue Film to Premiere Next Month

The documentary film Refusing To Be Enemies: The Zeitouna Story will premiere on Sunday March 18 at 7pm at the Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor. Those of you lucky enough to be near Ann Arbor can email eneuhaus@sbcglobal.net for advance tickets. The showing on the 18th is expected to be sold out (all 1600 seats!), so a second showing may be needed to meet the demand for tickets.

The movie profiles the twelve women of a local dialogue group called Zeitouna (“olive” in Arabic) and documents their developing relationship over a four-year period. Six of the Zeitouna women are of Arab descent and six are of Jewish descent. Some are native born and some are immigrants. What they all have in common is their humanity and their desire to bridge the gulf that has developed between their two communities. They chose the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the focus of the group and use the dialogue process as a means of personal transformation leading to socio-political transformation.


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NCDD 2006 on YouTube

Below you’ll find a 5-minute recap of our 2006 national conference…

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Patty Dineen Proposes Nationwide Effort to Discuss Iraq

Taylor Willingham wrote to us recently about a proposal to America’s librarians from Patty Dineen from the National issues Forums. It is based on an article in the NY Times titled Baghdad Day to Day: Librarian’s Journal. This article describes the daily journal being kept by the Director of Iraq’s National Library and Archive at the suggestion of the National Archives in Britain. Patty Dineen from the National Issues Forums network recently posted a response to the NY Times article and an impassioned plea to America’s Libraries. Her response is on a team blog set up for a research project we’re doing with grad library students from UIUC.

Here is her plea:

In solidarity with the librarians of Iraq, and for the benefit of the American public, give people a place and a way to gather and talk about what is happening in Iraq:

  • Begin a nationwide effort to use libraries as centers for serious, non-agenda-driven conversation about Iraq and our role there (past, present, and future)
  • Put a process and materials in place for libraries to use
  • Train (online or in person) facilitators to help people use this process
  • Send out the word to media, the public, and yes, even the elected officials who by now might welcome having somewhere to go to be able to listen to people who are willing to talk together about this problem.

Click here to read Patty’s complete posting: How Many of Your Colleagues were Assassinated Last Year? A Proposal (a Plea) to America’s Librarians.

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San Francisco Foundation Invites Nominations for Community Leadership Awards

Attention members in the Bay Area: The San Francisco Foundation (www.sff.org) seeks nominations of outstanding community leaders for the San Francisco Foundation Community Leadership Awards. The awards recognize individuals and organizations whose leadership has made a significant impact in their particular San Francisco Bay Area communities and whose work confronts societal or civic issues, addresses health or environmental concerns, or promotes the arts and humanities. Nonprofit organizations and individuals in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties are eligible to apply. Nominations for emerging and innovative leadership as well as for longstanding accomplishments are encouraged. Individuals receive $10,000 awards each and organizations are awarded $20,000 each. For complete nomination guidelines, visit the awards page at the SFF Web site. The deadline for nominations is March 1, 2007.