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Operation Understanding Program Instructor (DC)

Operation Understanding DC seeks a Program Instructor to work with African American and Jewish high school students.

Responsibilities of the Program Instructor include:

  • Working directly with 32 African American and Jewish students, in both educator and mentor capacities for Sunday afternoon programs, weekend retreats and July Civil Rights Journey;
  • Working closely with Program Director and Program Committee on program development, including new initiatives, continuation of the current program and evaluation;
  • Providing assistance with outreach to schools, churches and synagogues for participant recruitment and student speeches and facilitations; and
  • Representing OUDC at public forums.


NCDD EventsNCDD Events

Peace Tiles from NCDD 2006

Peace Tile created at NCDD 2006.

Peace Tiles organizers Nil S. Navaie of Arts for Global Development and Lars Hasselblad Torres of Peace Tiles were on hand during our conference in San Francisco as part of our Arts programming to provide a creative resource for participants, allowing for a different and unique way to process the day’s intake. They have collected photographs of the tiles created in a photo set on Flickr.

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Dialogue Processes Online Grad Course Begins in February

The Critical and Creative Thinking Program at The University of Massachusetts (Boston) will host a Dialogue Processes Online Graduate course beginning February 2007 through till May 2007. Structured as an online learning community, the core objective of CrCrTh 616 is to cultivate practical know-how and theoretical knowledge of Dialogue Processes with a focus on Otto Scharmer’s model of Generative Dialogue, which follows from William Isaacs work with the MIT Dialogue Project and David Bohm’s understanding of dialogue.

The course offers a range of learning spaces designed to develop our individual and collective capacities for bringing significant changes in how we think, communicate and learn together. In addition to online inquiry, there are weekly skill and capacity building exercises, coaching triads, collaborative assignments and a real-world component where participants conduct a dialogue-based project within their own organization or community. The course will be delivered through WebCT, phone coaching, web-based synchronous meetings, web-based audio and video files. To register, visit  http://ccde.umb.edu/dl/spring07/crcrth616/ Note that the 2007 course description has not yet been loaded. Contact the course instructor Olen Gunnlaugson (Gunnlaugson@hotmail.com) for further information.

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Submissions Open for Race and Citizenship Conference

The Center for the Study of Citizenship at Wayne State University has just announced its Fourth Annual Conference in Citizenship Studies. The conference will be held on March 1-4, 2007 and will focus on the Center’s theme for this academic year: Race and Citizenship. The submission deadline is 11/20/06. They encourage submissions fromboth individual scholars and from preformed panels. As part of the Center’s efforts to foster the development of Citizenship Studies, participants’ papers will be reviewed for possible invitation to publish in the Center’s planned volume of essays on race and citizenship. Themes include “Citizenship and the Construction of Race, and Vice-Versa;” “Race, Citizenship and Policy Studies;” and “Race, Participation and Belonging.” (more…)

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Join a Virtual Roundtable on Democracy's Challenge

Fed up with politics and a widening partisan divide, many Americans are turning away from public life. In 2006, the National Issues Forums network convened citizens across the country in forums to deliberate about Democracy’s Challenge: Reclaiming the Public’s Role. The results of these forums have been compiled in a report by Doble Research Associates commissioned by the Kettering Foundation and will be discussed at a roundtable at the National Press Club in D.C. on Monday (I’ll be there!).

On Wednesday (Nov. 15) at 1 pm Eastern (10 am Pacific), Texas Forums will be hosting a virtual roundtable with Doble Research Associates and members of the National Issues Forums network. John Doble, Janay Cody, and Laura Kelsky, of Doble Research Associates will discuss the findings of their interviews with moderators and forum participants, review of recorded forums, analysis of post-forum questionnaires, and observation of forums. You’re all invited to join us, so click on “more” if you’re interested!


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Join Rich Harwood in a Post-election Teleconference Conversation Nov. 15

If you are interested in discussing what the recent elections mean for you and for change, you can join Rich Harwood in a teleconference conversation on November 15th at 1:00 pm EST. The conversation will focus on questions like: What do the elections suggest about conditions for change in our communities and the country? How might they affect the work you do? Where is public discourse and civic engagement headed? What are your own feelings about the direction of the country? Rich will lead the discussion using his short book, A New Political Covenant. There’s room for only 20 participants, so sign up soon. Participants will receive a copy of A New Political Covenant. To sign up, e-mail jtiell@theharwoodinstitute.org or call Jeff at 301-656-3669.

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Seeking Change Handbook Instructor for Bowling Green State University Course

Cover of the Change Handbook

Would you be interested in teaching a graduate course on the collection of methods in The Change Handbook? Do you know someone who might be great at teaching such a course? Bowling Green State University is looking for someone who can teach one section on-site in Bowling Green, Ohio starting January 2007 for their Master of Organization Development Program. The course is titled “Engaging Whole Systems for Change” and it is based on all the methods in the change handbook. The course provide a deep learning experience on the methods individually and as a whole. It has been developed over the past 10 years and they are looking for a couple people to teach the course for graduate, executive, and continuiing education. To find out more on the master’s program, visit www.cba.bgsu.edu/modbgsu/index.html. If you are interested in teaching such a course or know someone who would be great at teaching such a course, please get them or yourself in touch with Steven Cady at steve@stevecady.com or (419) 255-6800.

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CPC AI in Action Workshop Coming Up in Denver

CPC Logo.

There is still space available in the Corporation for Positive Change “AI in Action ” workshop, coming up November 15-17, 2006 in Denver, Colorado. In this clinic-style workshop, Amanda Trosten-Bloom and Mike Mantel will help participants identify and build upon their strengths as AI practitioners, and explore a variety of approaches for applying AI at different levels in an organization, community and across our world. The workshop promises to help participants discover new ideas, approaches and frameworks for building their capacity and their own projects by studying the projects of other participants as case examples. Previous attendance at a Foundations-level Appreciative Inquiry workshop, as well as experience applying the AI approach to at least one project, is recommended. For more information or to register, visit www.positivechange.org/workshop-action.html.

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Georgetown Announces MA in Democracy Studies

Georgetown University has announced a new Master of Arts Program in Democracy Studies. The Center for Democracy and Civil Society has established a two-year Master of Arts Program in Democracy Studies through the Department of Government. Intended to meet the diverse needs of all those who seek a deeper understanding of democracy and processes of democratization, the ground-breaking program will be of special interest for those seeking to develop careers working on behalf of democratic change in a wide range of professional and academic settings, in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Applications are being accepted for Fall 2007 admission at http://grad.georgetown.edu/pages/app_procedures.cfm. The deadline is February 15, 2007. For more information on the program please visit http://cdacs.georgetown.edu/democracystudies or email democracystudies@georgetown.edu.

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C2D2 Celebrates First Birthday

C2D2 Logo.

Happy Birthday to C2D2! Building on the energy, vision and inspiration of the first Canadian Conference for Dialogue and Deliberation last October, a team has been working to transform the conference into a community of practice. C2D2 is now the Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation, a newly incorporated not-for-profit organization, with a Board of Directors and a few key priority activities for the next year. These include recruitment and engagement of an Executive Director, revamping their website, and planning for the 2007 Conference to be held at the Simon Fraser University’s Wosk Centre for Dialogue in Vancouver, B.C. In conjunction with the anniversary, the C2D2 team have posted a summary of the collective intelligence around making dialogue and deliberation effective generated at last year’s meeting. Interested parties can help build c2d2 by visiting the website (www.c2d2.ca), emailing them with complete contact information (info@c2d2.ca), joining the organizing committee for the 2007 conference, and spreading the word about this great community!