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Call for Chapters and Reviewers – Working with Difficult Groups

NCDD member Sandor Schuman emailed me today about a great opportunity I think will interest many of you. Sandy wanted me to let NCDDers know that you are invited to submit proposals for a chapter in the forthcoming book entitled The Handbook for Working with Difficult Groups: How They Are Difficult, Why They Are Difficult, What You Can Do. This is the third in the series of handbooks published by Jossey-Bass/Wiley and the International Association of Facilitators, and edited by Sandy. Chapter proposals are due March 15, 2008.

The framework for the book is described in Chapter 1, which can be found at www.difficultgroups.com. In brief, the framework integrates three high-order factors pertaining to group effectiveness – context, structure, and process – and four perspectives on evaluating group effectiveness – relational, empirical, political, and rational. For the complete call for chapters and reviewers, chapter proposal form, the complete first chapter, and other details, visit www.difficultgroups.com.

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"Make Talk Work" International Video Competition

some bookmarksThe City University of New York Dispute Resolution Consortium (CUNY DRC) at John Jay College of Criminal Justice-CUNY, has announced an international competition for short videos of up to 60 seconds using any of the themes in the 24 Make Talk Work® bookmarks. This video project, which is funded by the JAMS Foundation, seeks to increase public awareness about dispute resolution. The bookmarks, also funded by the JAMS Foundation, were created by the CUNY DRC and dispute resolvers in New York City with images designed by Susan Spivack.

Prizes ranging from $100 to $2,000 will be awarded for the winning videos. The winning videos will be premiered at a film festival and award reception at John Jay College near Lincoln Center in New York City . The winning videos will be posted on YouTube and the CUNY DRC’s websites and will be made available for workshops, conferences and public events. Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Competition will be posted on the CUNY DRC’s website. For specific information, contact CUNY DRC at dispute@jjay.cuny.edu or call 212-237-8692 ( USA ).

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An Alternative to "Business-as-Usual"

NCDD member, Tom Atlee, recently posted the following message to his organization’s mailing list. It explores the concepts of political will, public judgement, collective wisdom and how this reflects of current issues and how individuals can make a difference. Its an interesting piece and one we thought many of our readers my be interested in.

Originally sent to the Co-Intelligence Institute mailing list…

Dear friends,

More and more people are taking seriously the emerging crises we face. Below is one example. Lester Brown uses what is to me a revealing phrase: “Business-as-usual is no longer a viable option.” Whenever I hear someone saying something like that, I believe they have glimpsed the scope of the challenges we face.

Of course, the rub (as Hamlet says) lies in what they propose as an alternative to “business-as-usual”. How deep or fundamental a shift do they think is possible or necessary, and where they feel we should put our attention? Embedded in what they say will be assumptions — usually unspoken — about how change happens and about who we are as human beings and societies.

Read the entire essay after the break. (more…)

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National League of Cities' Municipal Excellence Awards

The National League of Cities (www.nlc.org) and  engineering and construction company CH2M HILL have announced  the 2008 Awards for Municipal Excellence. The awards recognize outstanding programs that improve the quality of life in America’s communities, with two awards in each population category. Municipalities that win select a charity to receive $1,000 or $2,000. The awards are presented at the annual  Congress of Cities and Exposition. Nominated cities must be members of NLC. The deadline is May 1, 2008. Visit the NLC Web site for complete program information and nomination materials.

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12 Jobs in Dispute Resolution

Emily Menn, Director of Education and Professional Development at the New York State Dispute Resolution Association, has sent us her latest lists of jobs in the Dispute Resolution field as first explained in this post. Like the last time, these lists are long and heavy on the detail, so instead of summarizing them I just slapped them into a pdf file. For future job listings, you can join the list by emailing her at emily dot menn at gmail dot com with the subject “ADD TO JOBS IN DISPUTE RESOLUTION LIST”

Jobs in Dispute Resolution, Jan. 29


Thanking L-Soft for their Generous Support


L-Soft, a leading provider of email list management software and hosting services, generously donated their services to the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation recently. We have used their LISTSERV® email list management software solution for two years now as a paying customer — all our email discussion lists and announcement lists are hosted by L-Soft and they have provided us with a reliable and very flexible solution for our mailing list needs. At the beginning of the year, they decided to switch us over to “donation” status, which is wonderful!

This may sound a little like a commercial, but we’re really happy that L-Soft reached out to us and offered this opportunity, and I don’t mind relaying this and the fact that their product is very good. Although not for small or low traffic lists, L-Soft offers excellent tools for larger organizations, schools and businesses, and if you’re looking for a larger scale mailing list solution, you should at least look at L-Soft as a possible solution.

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Online Course on Educating Students for Civic Engagement


Educating Students for Civic Engagement is a three-week (February 11-29) online course to learn about how student affairs professionals can educate students to become citizens, scholars, and leaders in their professions, their communities, the nation and the world. Both champions and critics of higher education are demanding that colleges and universities get serious about educating future generations of citizens who are committed to tackling society’s most pressing issues. Participants in this course will gain: understanding of what is civic engagement and why it is central to a college education; knowledge of the state-of-the-art developmental models and program examples; and access to resources for designing programs to achieve desired student learning outcomes.

To register and for the full course description visit www.myacpa.org/pd/e-Learning/.

Questions? Contact the instructor: Dr. Barbara Jacoby, Senior Scholar, Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life, University of Maryland.

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eDemocracyCamp: A Barcamp on e-Democracy

NCDD member, Tim Bonnemann, announced at a recent NCDD 2008 planning team conference call that he’s organizing an eDemocracy event in Washington, D.C. at the beginning of March. Although a location has not been chosen yet, eDemocracyCamp (a barcamp on e-democracy) will be held the weekend of March 1-2, 2008. Announcements are being placed through Twitter, and also Facebook, where you can sign up for the event. You can also sign up on the event’s wiki page at the Barcamp website.

More information on barcamps and this event after the break. (more…)

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Skilled D&D Practitioner Needed to Teach Grad Course in L.A. Area

In addition to incredible discounts and a fantastic free book, here’s another example of why you should join NCDD

Cynthia McDermott just sent this message to the main NCDD discussion list, and I thought a few more people might see it if we added it to the blog:

I am wondering if there is a skilled D and D practitioner in the LA area who might be interested in teaching a graduate level course for our education masters at Antioch University Los Angeles (our campus is in Culver City)? I would like to offer such a course this summer. If you might like to inquire about this possibility please email me at cmcdermott@ix.netcom.com or give me a call 310-578-1080 ext 352.

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Call for Manuscripts for Psychology E-Journal

NCDD member Tod Sloan just sent an announcement about this out to NCDD’s main discussion list…

The Journal for Social Action in Counseling and Psychology (JSACP), a new electronic journal, is accepting manuscripts in English and Spanish that promote reflection on community change and system transformation in which counselors and psychologists play a role. Appropriate manuscripts may include social action research, theory, as well as examples of transformative practice. JSACP is an official publication of Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR) and Counselors for Social Justice (CSJ). This electronic journal upholds highest academic and professional standards and is published twice a year electronically (pdf) with articles in either English or Spanish. Manuscripts are reviewed through a masked, peer review process. The Fall 2007 issue of JSACP can be accessed free online at www.psysr.org/jsacp. For editorial policy and other information, visit www.psysr.org/social-action.htm. Tod Sloan and Rebecca Toporek, Editors.