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News from AmericaSpeaks

We just got the latest update on AmericaSpeaks’ (www.americaspeaks.org) many exciting activities. I blogged recently about their collaboration in the process of organizing Community Congress III, and linked to the preliminary report and to media coverage of the event. Now, they are reporting on some of the strong messages coming out of Community Congress III, including: (more…)

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Appreciative Inquiry Foundations Workshop Coming Up March 12-16

The Corporation for Positive Change is sponsoring its AI Foundations workshop next month in Boulder, CO. Internationally-recognized consultants Amanda Trosten-Bloom and Carolyn Miller (authors of The Power of Appreciative Inquiry, The Nonprofit’s Guide to the Power of Appreciative Inquiry and other leading AI texts) join with Nila Rinehart to teach the theory, resources and tools to start using AI in your organization or community. Learn about and practice introducing and facilitating AI, designing AI initiatives, and applying AI to a broad range of change opportunities. Hear examples from their extensive work with businesses, non-profits, communities, schools, and faith-based organizations. Visit the CPC website at www.positivechange.org or call (303) 972-5155 for more information.

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International Conflict Resolution Conference Coming Up in Russia

The Common Bond Institute (USA) & HARMONY Institute (Russia), in cooperation with the International Humanistic Psychology Association, are sponsoring the 15th annual international conference on conflict resolution May 6-11 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Over 50 presenters and hundreds of participants from across the world will meet for a dynamic program and multicultural community experience. The ICR Conference will explore conflict transformation within diverse contexts, including: arts/creativity, cross-cultural/ethnic, ecology/environment, economics/business, education, gender, global/regional conflict, health/healing arts, human rights, organizational/community, psychotherapy, and transpersonal/spiritual. Focus is on all aspects of conflict, from the intrapersonal – to the interpersonal – to relationships between groups, organizations, cultures, and societies – and ultimately between us and other species. Many opportunities are provided for intensive dialogues on theory and perceptions of conflict and transformation, sharing programs and curriculums, practical skills training, networking and collaboration, and a powerful intentional community experience. Proposals for additional presentations are welcome until March 10, 2007. See the Common Bond Institute www.cbiworld.org or email SOlweean@aol.com for further details about proposal submission and registration.

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Digital Dialogues Report Available Online

I wanted to bring your attention to a new post on David Wilcox’s Designing for Civil Society blog.  Here’s some of his great post:

The Digital Dialogues Report by the Hansard Society – now available as web pages – provides some useful insights and guidance for anyone interested in the prospect of more public engagement online, flagged up by yesterday’s Guardian story on possible funding. There’s welcome scope for commenting.

The report covers pilot projects run by the UK Government last year. Further pilots are in progress. The interim findings from the first phase are realistic rather than evangelical:

  • Public engagement can enhance policy making;
  • Public engagement enhances citizens’ and government’s efficacy;
  • The use of online resources presents significant logistical, data gathering and transparency benefits not always present in conventional, offline methods;
  • etc.
  • The section on next steps makes a point familiar to anyone involved in public engagement, online or off – that people will get involved only if they think they will be taken seriously.

    Click here for David’s full post, or go to www.digitaldialogues.org.uk for the report.

    From the CommunityFrom the Community

    Muslim Peacebuilding and Dialogue Conference Calls for Papers

    The Second Annual Conerence on Muslim Peacebuilding, Justice, and Interfaith Dialogue (MPJID) is coming up at American University Washington, DC from May 5th-6th 2007. The conference is hosted by the Salam Institute for Peace and Justice (www.salaminstitute.org) and co-sponsored by the Islamic Society of North American (ISNA) and the Muslim Network for Peacebuilding, Justice and Interfaith Dialogue.

    This conference aims to create an opportunity for scholars and practitioners of Islam (and other faiths) to convene to discuss and clarify main concepts and approaches to peacebuilding, conflict resolution, human rights, democratization and development rooted in the Islamic tradition; to contribute to effective policy development in the Muslim world in the fields of governance, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding; and too provide a platform for Muslim Peacebuilding practitioners to share their experiences on the ground with the wider community of Muslim and non-Muslim scholars and practitioners in order to contribute to theory building and practice of conflict resolution in the Muslim world. (more…)

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    News from the Public Conversations Project

    The Public Conversations Project (www.publicconversations.org) has just sent out an update about their current activities. This month’s news includes conversations in Mexico City, Havana, and Northern England; a new Dialogue Guide available in Spanish; an opportunity to particpate in a Faith Quilt initiative, and a list of upcoming workshops in March, April and May. Read on… (more…)

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    Harvard Humanism Gala Embraces Dialogue Theme


    I heard from Rabbi Greg M. Epstein this morning about the Harvard Humanism 30th Anniversary Gala, “The New Humanism.” Rabbi Epstein, who attended NCDD’s San Francisco conference last August, is the current Humanist Chaplain of Harvard University.

    Humanism, in case you’re not familiar with it, is a rational philosophy, informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion. Affirming the dignity of each human being, it supports liberty and opportunity consonant with social and planetary responsibility. Free of supernaturalism, humanism thus derives the goals of life from human need and interest rather than from theological or ideological abstractions, and asserts that humanity must take responsibility for its own destiny.


    From the CommunityFrom the Community

    Become a Host for Conversation Week Today!

    [Video intro at www.ConversationWeek.org]

    Conversation Week 2007 is planned for March 25-31 and will celebrate the power of conversation and the fifth anniversary of Conversation Cafe. By March 5, we hope to have over 200 registered hosts who are willing to coordinate a small group discussion in their local community at a convenient time that week. All hosts will receive training in Conversation Cafe, OrangeBands, and various other resources to make their discussion a success.

    Conversation Week is being organized by The OrangeBand Initiative, Conversation Cafe, droppingknowledge, and The Co-Intelligence Institute. The goal is broader than only promoting the Conversation Cafe method, and we extend a cordial invitation to the greater NCDD to get involved as host and/or in promoting the opportunity to host. We hope this will be a way to introduce many new people to the methods, models, organizations, and people in the NCDD network.

    Our goal is to have over 200 conversations in over 10 countries registered by March 5, so we can use your help! Learn more at www.ConversationWeek.org!

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    Climate Change Teach-In with Architecture 2030

    2010_logoAmericaSpeaks is working with Architecture 2030 to create a global interactive teach-in addressing climate change and the role of the architecture, planning and design communities in addressing it. The teach-in will be webcast live from the New York Academy of Sciences from Noon to 3:30pm EST on February 20th, 2007. Visit the 2010 Imperative Teach-In website for downloadable materials and event registration.

    Participants viewing the webcast will be able to submit questions online, which AmericaSpeaks will theme in NYC. Architecture 2030′s goal is to reach more than 500,000 students, faculty, deans and practicing professionals in both North and South America through this event. All design schools, professional design firms and governmental entities (planning departments, city officials, etc.) are being asked to substitute the Teach-in for classes/work. Many organizations are helping with outreach by alerting their membership with news bulletins, email blasts, etc. To assist with this effort, contact Evan Thomas Paul at epaul@Americaspeaks.org.

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    3rd Annual Raising the Civic Canopy Event

    civic_canopy_logoThe Civic Canopy, a Colorado-based network led by NCDD member Bill Fulton, invites Coloradans interested in promoting thoughtful dialogue and lasting collaboration among many dedicated partners to join them on February 15th to “Raise the Civic Canopy.”

    You will be joining over 300 fellow citizens and civic leaders to strengthen a growing network of individuals, organizations, and institutions dedicated to improving the civic health of our communities. The event will offer a unique opportunity for networking and information exchange, small group dialogues on what is making a difference in promoting civic health, and large group action planning to extend our impact.

    The event will be held at the Belmar Center in Lakewood from 3:00 to 6:00 pm with reception to follow.  For more details or to register, go to www.civiccanopy.org and click on “Raising the Canopy.”