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Albany NY Celebrates 40 Years of Dialogue

Last week, the Catholic and Jewish communities of Albany, NY gathered to celebrate 40 years of friendship and dialogue in the New York state Capital Region. The program featured Mary C. Boys and Sara S. Lee, co-authors of the book, “Christians & Jews in Dialogue: Learning in the Presence of the Other.”

The Capital District Board of Rabbis honored Bishop Howard Hubbard for his singular role as catalyst in promoting dialogue during the past 40 years. In 1968, as a young priest and chairman of the Commission for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs of the Roman Catholic Diocese, he was part of the grass-roots effort to start this process of dialogue, laying the foundation for building bridges of reconciliation and friendship between Catholics and Jews. Living room conversations brought together leaders in each community. They evolved into broad-based community programs promoting a deeper understanding of each faith. Read more about this wonderful longstanding partnership here: http://thataway.org/c0350b.

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Write an Op-Ed on Edwards' "One Democracy Initiative"!

On Saturday, October 13th, Senator and Presidential Candidate John Edwards gave a speech in Keene, New Hampshire that could have a major impact on our field. In his speech, he called for the creation of “Citizen Congresses” that would regularly convene one million Americans in national deliberations on critical policy issues. These congresses are part of his One Democracy Initiative, which references AmericaSpeaks’ and Study Circles’ work, as well as Deliberation Day and the newly-formed November 5th Coalition.

AmericaSpeaks’ Joe Goldman was contacted by the Edwards campaign about this before the fact, and Joe gave me and a number of other leaders in the field a heads-up on the speech. Joe encouraged us to submit letters to the editors of our local papers, not to support Edwards or his specific public engagement plan, but to raise awareness of the importance of public engagement and the fact that it is already happening across the country – and to encourage the other candidates to go beyond rhetoric and propose their own concrete solutions for bringing the public back into politics.

I strongly encourage everyone in the D&D community to consider submitting op-eds to your local papers as soon as possible!

This is a great opportunity for people in the D&D community to join forces to raise awareness about the need to for the public to have a greater voice in the governance process. As a community, we need to figure out how to respond quickly and collectively when things happen that can raise awareness of D&D – whether they be crises, conflicts or high-level PR opportunities like this one. Perhaps this effort can set a precedent for us to accomplish this.

Please keep an eye on this page to see people’s op-eds, and to look over some tips for submitting op-eds: www.thataway.org/?page_id=1034. I’m going to do my best to keep track of people’s op-eds so we can display and/or link to them in one place.

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Unity08 Launches "Have you seen My Country?" Campaign

Unity08 (www.unity08.com), a non partisan group that aims to change the way American politics is run, has started a campaign titled, “Have you seen My Country?” They’re inviting people to join them as to try to find it.To explain the campaign, Unity08 co-founder Doug Bailey writes,

“We’ve lost our country to politics-as-usual. We’ve lost our country to special interests and polarization. We’ve lost our country and no longer have a system in place to deal with the crucial issues that are facing us. When you’ve lost something that is special to you, what do you do? Most of us start a search and enlist as many others to help as we can. We may even create flyers that are posted around town to let others know about what we have lost.So, we’ve created a flyer written by Lady Liberty to enlist others for her search to find My Country.

This week, let’s get these flyers out into the real world by posting them at coffee shops, grocery stores, schools, laundromats, and other venues that you think may help others begin the search to find My Country. You may also consider handing them out to people on the street by asking them, “Have you seen My Country?”

While you are out posting them or handing them out, take a few pictures of the flyers, then tell us your story about where you posted them. The first 50 members that send us an email (info@unity08.com) with picture of a flyer and a story about where it was posted will get a free T-shirt. You can print the flyer by visiting the web page that we have created for My Country: http://unity08.com/takeaction/mycountry.”

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Journal Addresses Organizational Change & Sustainable Development

NCDD member Juli Fellows sent us word of a forthcoming special edition of the respected peer-reviewed journal that might be of interest to others in our network. “Organisations & People” is the journal of the UK-based Association of Management Education and Development (AMED – www.amed.org.uk). The special edition contains new papers on sustainable development and organizational change.

This special edition has been guest edited by members of AMED’s Sustainable Development Network – Jim Hopwood, Tony Emerson and Penny Walker. The papers explore aspects of these questions:

  • What can change management specialists offer to sustainable development champions?
  • What can organisational consultants learn from environmentalists?
  • And how can we work together to get more change in the right direction in organisations? (more…)

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YouTube Launches NonProfit Channel

YouTube, the online video portal that lets people upload and share video content on the Web, has just announced the creation of a new video channel dedicated to nonprofit organizations at www.youtube.com/nonprofits. The new channel will enable nonprofits to upload footage of their work, public service announcements, calls to action and more on a premium channel that will have enhanced branding features and increased upload capacity. The channel can serve as the nonprofit’s hub for their uploaded videos while also providing a way for people to connect with the organization. Read the whole story below:

YouTube puts the social conscience in online video (more…)

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Wise Democracy Forum Meets Nov. 17 in Oakland, CA

On Saturday, Nov. 17th, all are invited to join Claudia Miller (Center for Wise Democratic Processes), Laura Wells (Grand Lake Neighborhood Center) and Sally Sommer (East Bay Mediation Center) for a launch of the Wise Democracy Forum in Oakland, CA. This forum is designed to explore and plan for a this innovative way to increase participation democracy. The results in other communities and schools have been surprising for the creativity and innovation that occurred in these facilitated dialogs about issues that are meaningful to them.

The Wise Democracy process involves a group of ordinary folks who get together with time and good facilitation and no pre-set agenda. They talk about what’s really important to them in their community. In this council, as they listen to each others’ issues and concerns, they come up with a statement they all agree on, and present the statement to the broader community, including public officials, media, and then the dialogue continues. It’s a way people can become more empowered, and public engagement in our democracy can grow.

This Wise Democracy Forum meets from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm at 6501 Telegraph Ave, in Oakland, CA. For more information or to RSVP, contact (510) 435-2327 or thelisteningpath@aol.com. Check back at www.wisedemocracyoakland.org, for the group’s soon-to-be-created website.

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IUPUI Seeks Director of Center for Teaching and Learning

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) is seeking an Executive Director for their Center for Teaching and Learning. The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) was established at IUPUI in 1995. The CTL is a partnership among Academic Affairs, University Information Technology Services and University Library. Beginning in January, 2008, the CTL along with the Center for Service and Learning (CSL) and the Center for Research and Learning (CRL) will form the Consortium on Learning and Scholarship at IUPUI. The mission of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is to provide leadership and scholarly expertise to stimulate and support innovation and evidence-based practices in teaching and learning through a collaborative approach that celebrates and embraces the diversity of faculty and students. (more…)

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Louise Diamond Presenting Training at "Engaging the Other" Conference

Sandy posted the other day about the 2nd Annual International Conference on “Engaging The Other:” The Power of Compassion coming up October 25 – 28, 2007 Dearborn, Michigan. We just wanted to let our readers know that there is a Pre-Conference All-Day Institute on Thursday, October 25, 2007, from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm. In particular, NCDD friend Louise Diamond will be presenting a workshop called “Institute 3: “Re-Membering Right Relationship.” To learn more about the workshop, read on! To sign up for the conference or the pre-conference institute, visit www.cbiworld.org/Pages/Conferences_ETO.htm. (more…)

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Art of Hosting Training Set for November

Chris Corrigan wrote us to let us know about the upcoming Art of Hosting training November 16-18, 2007 near Bangor, Pennsylvania, in the United States. The Art of Hosting is training experience that combines explorations of methodologies such as Open Space Technology, World Cafe, Appreciative Inquiry and PeerSpirit Circle with design tools such as Sam Kaner’s Diamond of Participation, chaordic design and models of living systems. The learning is experiential and applicable and offers a powerful opportunity for the development of deepening facilitation and leadership practice.

For this session the core team consists of:

* Christina Baldwin, author and co-founder of PeerSpirit Circle practice
* Tenneson Woolf and Teresa Posakony both from the Berkana Institute and deep practitioners of The World Cafe
* Angela Amel, a New York City based facilitator and leadership development consultant
* Nancy Fritsch Eagan, a New York City facilitator specializing in education and women’s leadership development
* Chris Corrigan, Open Space facilitator and Art of Hosting steward.

This workshop will join colleagues from Canada and the United States for this collaborative exploration of an Open Space worldview in action. You can down load the invitation here: www.berkana.org/pdf/aoh_nyc_philadelphia_2007.pdf. More info about the Art of Hosting is available at www.artofhosting.org.

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Join a National Conversation about Energy

The Kettering Foundation (www.kettering.org) and the National Issues Forums Institute (www.nifi.org) are inviting people and their communities to become part of a national conversation about energy and the choices that face the public and policymakers. The Kettering Foundation and Public Agenda will be preparing a national report detailing the outcomes of 2007 public deliberative forums held around the country using the National Issues Forums issue book titled The Energy Problem: Choices for an Uncertain Future. Groups or individuals who have led forums on this issue, or who are planning to, are invited to help make the upcoming report as representative as possible of the national conversation.

There is still time to help your community, organization, school, or group, be heard in a national deliberative conversation about energy. The Energy Problem issue book and free moderator guides may be ordered by calling 800-600-4060. If you would like more information about how to convene a forum on this topic in your community contact Ginny O’Connor at oconnor@kettering.org or 800-443-7834, extension 870. Information from deliberative forums– especially completed post-forum questionnaires– are welcomed through November 15th, 2007. The information from forums held around the country will be included in a national report that will be released to the public and presented in Washington, DC. (more…)