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Common Ground: Center for Cooperative Solutions, UC Davis Extension

For more than 10 years, Common Ground has been a leader in providing collaborative services through facilitation, mediation, negotiation and training. Our services are broad: we help government entities, agencies, private sector organizations, nonprofits, and communities come together and work out solutions to public policy issues including land use, water quality, health, education, and transportation.

We offer customized, distinctive collaborative and resolution services to meet your organization's needs. In addition, we offer conflict resolution courses ranging from Beginning Mediation and Facilitation through Advanced Practitioner Training. Through it all, our goal is to set the standard for providing collaborative services and training by one of the country's top public universities.

Certificate Program in Conflict Resolution

The field of conflict resolution is expanding quickly. Mediation is often mandated in state and federal courts. Alternative dispute resolution practice and theory are rapidly evolving in the arenas of business, government, non-profit, community, environmental, health, education, technology and others. Successful application of conflict resolution skills and tools depends increasingly on a firm understanding of concepts and demonstrated knowledge of a broad variety of applications.

This certificate program is designed for people who seek conflict resolution skills to benefit their current careers or who are interested in a career in conflict resolution. Highly qualified instructors bring experience to each course in the application of conflict resolution skills and concepts.

How you will benefit

  • Discover tools to address and resolve conflicts through better communication.
  • Gain a solid understanding of the theoretical basis of conflict resolution and rich hands-on experience with conflict resolution practices.
  • Explore various current models in the field of conflict resolution which are being applied on interpersonal, organizational, community and international levels.
  • Refine your skills in mediation, facilitation, negotiation, consensus building and collaboration.
  • Supplement your current career, or begin a new career, with conflict resolution skills.

Who should attend

Designed for a broad audience, this certificate series is recommended for anyone interested in developing knowledge and skills in the areas of mediation, facilitation, collaborative decision-making and other forms of problem solving and conflict resolution. The curriculum, which blends the theoretical and the practical, will help participants learn how to create more collaborative dialogue and action in such fields as agriculture, health, education, business, environmental planning, human resources or law.

Click here for more details on the certificate program.

Resource Link: www.extension.ucdavis.edu/commonground/

Carolyn Penny and Beth Greenwood, Co-Directors



UC Davis Extension, 1333 Research Park Drive




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