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Flipping the Script: White Privilege and Community Building

Flipping the Script is a 156-page monograph by Maggie Potapchuk, MP Associates, Inc. designed for people who work in communities to identify and address issues of white privilege, oppression, racism and power as they play out in this work. It is for community builders, grant makers, technical assistance providers and others who are trying to develop more equitable and thoughtful partnerships with community residents and organizations.

The monograph is in four major sections. The first section defines key terms, reviews the monograph’s premises, and analyzes early responses to Hurricane Katrina to illustrate white privilege and racism in action at multiple levels. The second section goes into depth about four key concepts: community building, racism, internalized racism, and white privilege.

The third section applies these concepts to community/foundations partnerships specifically. It addresses interventions, evaluation, and multiracial coalitions and partnerships. The fourth section includes a chapter about doing one’s own work on white privilege, written primarily for white people, and a summary chapter with recommendations for the field.

The authors offer this resource as people deeply invested in community building work. An analysis of community building through the lens of white privilege suggests many places in which we might do our work differently. It also questions the most basic premises of this work.

The authors also encourage readers to contact them to discuss any of the ideas put forth in the monograph.

Maggie Potapchuk (MP Associates) and Sally Leiderman (Center for Assessment and Policy Development), with Donna Bivens (Women’s Theological Center) and Barbara Major (St. Thomas Health Clinic)

MP Associates, Inc. and the Center for Assessment and Policy Development (CAPD) (2005)

Resource Link: www.ncdd.org/exchange/files/docs/Potapchuk_Flipping.pdf

Freely downloadable from the NCDD website, the file is also available at www.capd.org.

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