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Dialogos – Graduate Clinics

The Dialogos Graduate Clinics are a three-part, case-based reflection program that provide a unique opportunity to make practical and deepen their learning from the Leadership for Collective Intelligence (LCI) program. The clinics provide participants with an off-line container that gives the professional-level reflection, support, and guidance that are essential to a practitioner's ongoing growth and development. The clinics also serve as an incubator for highly conscious and effective action.

The Graduate Clinics are based on participants' current business cases and examples and experiences brought by master practitioner guests. The program will take an action learning and action inquiry approach — that is, giving participants a chance to generate new insights and action experiments, apply their ideas during the interims, and return to reflect on their results. Each clinic is a 1.5-day session and will use methods like live high-intensity clinics, peer and faculty coaching, system and structural mapping, and shadow work. In addition to guiding these activities, the facilitators will review advanced

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