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Dialogos – Leadership for Collective Intelligence (LCI)

Leadership for Collective Intelligence (LCI) is an intensive 10-month learning and professional development experience. It draws on, and has been built by, pioneers in organizational learning, dialogue, family system therapy, systems thinking and the improvisational arts. The dominant focus of the LCI is the art and practice of dialogue, which we see as a means of enabling deep change within individuals, groups, and larger collective settings such as organizations, communities and, ultimately, society itself.

The LCI, however, is by no means limited to developing dialogue as a form of conversation. We see dialogue as a stance, a practice among a group of people, and the cornerstone for an approach to large-system change. For this reason, the LCI concentrates on five main areas: Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together; Interpersonal Reasoning and Profound Change; Leadership and Group Intelligence: Facilitation Skills; Collective Leadership and Systemic Change Dynamics; Developing Models for Practice.

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