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Dialogos, Inc.

Founded by William Isaacs, Dialogos promotes the spirit and practice of dialogue for strategic use at all levels of leadership within and across organizations. They work with client organizations to meet their business objectives by transforming taken-for-granted limits in ways of thinking and acting.

Dialogos LLC was founded in 1995 to promote the practice and development of strategic change. Founder William Isaacs is a world leader in the theory and practice of dialogue (the cycle of conversation that produces higher-quality collective thinking) and its applications within organizations, across organizational boundaries, and in other large systems. Over the past five years, the company has been joined by a group of well-known consulting principals. Each Dialogos team member is an established, reputable, and often well-known consultant – experienced with in-depth organizational learning and lasting profound change, and skilled in the specific principles and practices that allow people to think together more effectively.

Dialogos offers a number of trainings, including…

Dialogue Introduction: AoTT
Dialogue Introduction: AoTT (The Art of Thinking Together) is a two and one-half-day, integrated introduction to multiple levels of dialogue, group structures and individual effectiveness. Advanced Capacity Building: LCI (Leadership for Collective Intelligence) is an 18-day, 10-month program equipping leaders to design, initiate and facilitate large systems change. Coached by DIA-logos faculty, participants undertake actual change projects in their organizations. As a participant, you will learn new communication, action, and awareness skills, and see what dialogue feels like through actual practice. You will walk away with new ways of seeing familiar group patterns and structures, as well as new tools for understanding and impacting the larger systems in which you work and live.

Graduate Clinics
The Dialogos Graduate Clinics are a three-part, case-based reflection program that provide a unique opportunity to make practical and deepen their learning from the Leadership for Collective Intelligence (LCI) program. The clinics provide participants with an off-line container that gives the professional-level reflection, support, and guidance that are essential to a practitioner's ongoing growth and development. The clinics also serve as an incubator for highly conscious and effective action.

The Graduate Clinics are based on participants' current business cases and examples and experiences brought by master practitioner guests. The program will take an action learning and action inquiry approach — that is, giving participants a chance to generate new insights and action experiments, apply their ideas during the interims, and return to reflect on their results. Each clinic is a 1.5-day session and will use methods like live high-intensity clinics, peer and faculty coaching, system and structural mapping, and shadow work. In addition to guiding these activities, the facilitators will review advanced

Leadership for Collective Intelligence (LCI)
Leadership for Collective Intelligence (LCI) is an intensive 10-month learning and professional development experience. It draws on, and has been built by, pioneers in organizational learning, dialogue, family system therapy, systems thinking and the improvisational arts. The dominant focus of the LCI is the art and practice of dialogue, which we see as a means of enabling deep change within individuals, groups, and larger collective settings such as organizations, communities and, ultimately, society itself.

The LCI, however, is by no means limited to developing dialogue as a form of conversation. We see dialogue as a stance, a practice among a group of people, and the cornerstone for an approach to large-system change. For this reason, the LCI concentrates on five main areas: Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together; Interpersonal Reasoning and Profound Change; Leadership and Group Intelligence: Facilitation Skills; Collective Leadership and Systemic Change Dynamics; Developing Models for Practice.

Master Class
True leadership that promotes wholeness, transformation, and generativity in social systems requires three things: an understanding of the "Physics" of social systems (the structural and system dynamics that produce unintended consequences and hold dysfunctional patterns in place); quality of character (the capacity to reveal your genuine self in any context); and an understanding of Living Process, generative change, based on an understanding of the nature of design of wholeness in living systems.

The Master Class is the next step for graduates of our Leadership for Collective Intelligence program who are looking to deepen their capacity in all three of these territories and bring their development as a leader and practitioner to another level.

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