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International Forum of Visual Practitioners

IFVP is a community of creative leaders from around the world who share a common passion for bringing information and ideas to life visually. For over a quarter of a century, business people, artists, communities, governments, educators, and individuals have been leveraging the power of our Visual Practitioner community of graphic recorders and graphic facilitators. The website is a valuable source of information and tools on graphic facilitation, and includes a searchable database of graphic facilitators (visual practitioners).

June 2012 update:  We just saw that IFVP has a wonderful U.S. map of visual practitioners that anyone can access!  Looking for a graphic recorder for an upcoming conference or event?  Click on the state you’re holding your event in and see who’s nearby.  You’ll find their contact info, website address, bio, and more.

We are an emerging grassroots network of diverse practitioners who use visual methods to assist learning and communication between groups and individuals. We are an informal community of like-minded individuals – bound together by our strong beliefs in the power of ‘visual thinking.’ Knowing innately that a picture is truly worth a thousand words, we come together to share our experiences, trade resources, support and encourage each other, and, year by year, raise the profile of our unique and growing profession.

As Visual Practitioners we weave a graphic component into our work. We literally draw information out of people, functioning as facilitators and scribes to get the wisdom of groups into a tangible form. Some of us use visual presentations to ‘PUSH’ information to people. Other use a ‘PULL’ approach, gathering the information that is pulled out of people, into graphic displays or renderings. Whatever approach is used, the artifacts that are created have a very graphic or visual nature.

IFVP has its roots in the San Francisco Bay Area, as this area was a nexus point in the 70s for the development of the facilitation field and its graphic facilitation offshoot. The IFVP and its yearly conference generally draws a core group of 60-70 members.

Resource Link: www.ifvpcommunity.ning.com (formerly at www.visualpractitioner.org)

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