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Mediation: An Alternative That Works

This 30-minute video is great for introducing and winning support for a peer mediation effort, especially at the middle school and upper elementary level. It was developed and produced by award-winning student mediators and their peer mediation coordinator from Forest Park Middle School, Springfield, MA, USA. It is set in a diverse urban middle school, and the voiceover and narration are by students.

The first segment shows a hallway dispute, a brief meeting between a student disputant and a supportive administrator (who makes the referral to mediation), and the mediation session. The session includes demonstration of the opening statement, opened-ended questioning & paraphrasing, drafting and writing an agreement, and age-appropriate analysis of the mediation process. The last ten minutes of the tape features real testimonials about peer mediation from a police officer, parent, school board members, superintendent, principal, mediation coordinators & several peer mediators & mediation participants.

Resource Link: www.schoolmediation.com

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