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Skin Deep: College Students Confront Racism

This 53-minute documentary chronicles the journey of a multi-racial group of college students as they examine their own and confront each other's attitudes about race and ethnicity. This video vividly illustrates students of color and white students at different stages of racial identity and demonstrates the possibility of growth as a result of dialogue.

Order Skin Deep from California Newsreel (www.newsreel.org) or Iris Films (www.irisfilms.org)  for $195. Iris Films also offers two shorter versions (under 15 minutes) of the video, called Talking About Race, for $110. 

You can also order a copy of the Skin Deep Facilitator's Guide (1995) from www.newsreel.org/guides/skindeep.htm (or email contact@newsreel.org or call 877-811-7495).

Frances Reid (Producer/Director)

San Francisco, CA: Resolution/California Newsreel (1995)

Resource Link: www.newsreel.org/nav/title.asp?tc=CN0085&s=

The Skin Deep Facilitator's Guide is online at www.newsreel.org/guides/skindeep.htm.

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