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The Color of Fear 2: Walking Each other Home

This 55-minute sequel to The Color of Fear is about the remaining 23 hours that occurred on that incredible three-day weekend in Ukiah, California. The Color of Fear was an intense emotional confrontation about racism, whereas Walking Each Other Home explores in greater depth the intimate relationship that the eight men had with each other. In this new sequel, the European American men have added opportunities to express how they felt when the men of color were angry, why they were afraid, and what they discovered about themselves and each other as men of European descent. Winner of The Cindy Silver Medal.

Lee Mun Wah (Producer/Director)

Oakland, CA: Stir-Fry Productions

Resource Link: www.stirfryseminars.com

Each video is $500 for educational institutions, $225 for small nonprofits and $110 for individuals.

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