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The Way Home

This 92-minute video produced and directed by Shakti Butler (1998) shows what happened when eight ethnic councils of women came together to talk honestly about race, gender and class in the US. The result is an unpredictable collection of stories that reveal the far-reaching effects of social oppression and present an inspiring picture of women moving beyond the duality of black and white. Over the course of eight months, sixty-four women, representing a cross-section of cultures in the US, met in councils separated by ethnicity-Indigenous, Asian, European, African, Arab, Jewish, Latina and Multiracial.

Their candid conversations offer rare access into multidimensional cultural worlds mostly invisible to outsiders. With uncommon courage, the women speak their hearts and minds about resistance, love, assimilation, beauty standards, power, school experiences, and more. Woven throughout are collages of historical and family photos, dance sequences, visual images, and music from over twenty cultures all of which expand the impact of the women’s words.

Shakti Butler (Producer/Director)
Oakland, CA: World Trust (1998)

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