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National Charrette Institute (NCI)

The National Charrette Institute (NCI) is a nonprofit educational institution. We help people build community capacity for collaboration to create healthy community plans. We teach professionals and community leaders the art and science of Dynamic Planning, a holistic, collaborative planning process that harnesses the talents and energies of all interested parties to create and support a feasible plan. And we advance the fields of community planning and public involvement through research and publications.

Bill Lennertz, Steve Coyle and Aarin Lutzenhiser co-founded NCI in order to create the first professional education venue for the Charrette and the Dynamic Planning Process. Bill Lennertz, NCI's Executive Director, is leading the organization in new research efforts, program development, and teaching methodologies. His experience as manager of more than 150 New Urbanist Charrettes is the foundation for the Dynamic Planning curriculum.

NCI Certification Programs

Today, the range of abilities of people who are running charrettes varies as much as the definition of the charrette process itself. Adding NCI certification to your credentials distinguishes you as someone with the most advanced process tools and puts you ahead of the competition for high profile jobs that require substantial public involvement.

The NCI Certification Program includes the necessary tools and techniques to prepare you for planning, managing and facilitating a charrette. Charrettes capable of transformative community change require careful planning and execution. The NCI Charrette Planner and NCI Public Meeting Facilitator courses give you the framework and the hands-on skills to successfully utilize the powerful Dynamic Planning process.

NCI provides 10% discounts to paid NCDD members who participate in their high-quality trainings and certificate programs held in Portland, Oregon that are open to the public. Look over their upcoming trainings at http://thataway.org/index.php/?page_id=785 or learn how to join NCDD as a paid member at http://thataway.org/index.php/?page_id=838.

NCI Publications

"The ‘New Urbanist' Company" – NCI featured in Worthwhile Magazine
Download the PDF of this article that includes an interview with NCI's Bill Lennertz. From the July/August 2005 issue of Worthwhile. (Volume 1, Issue 4)

"NCI steps up training for sponsors of charrettes"
Download the PDf of this article by Philip Langdon from the September 2004 issue of the New Urban News. (Volume 9, Number 6)

NCI Cross-disciplinary Public Involvement Report
Sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this is the final report on the NCI cross-disciplinary forum on public involvement best practices. It includes a literature review, expert papers presented at the forum, forum findings on key challenges and solutions, and project process examples.

Scripted PowerPoint Presentation for Download from The National Association of REALTORS®
This PowerPoint presentation, which includes both slides and a script, describes what a charrette is and how it can be used to improve the planning process in your community. It was produced for the National Association of REALTORS® by the National Charrette Institute, and can be used for self-instruction, or as a presentation to others.

"Charrettes 101" Fannie Mae Foundation Building Blocks issue by Bill Lennertz and Aarin Lutzenhiser of NCI
download Summer 2003 – Volume 4 Issue 1

The Charrette Process as an Agent for Change
by Bill Lennertz for the New Urban News

Resource Link: www.charretteinstitute.org



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