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Through the use of the applied behavioral sciences, NTL strengthens relationships and organizations by fostering self-awareness and interpersonal, group and system effectiveness. NTL pioneered a particular kind of learning environment called the T-Group, and has had a profound influence on the theory and practice that presently underlies the professional field of organization development.

Kurt Lewin, founder of modern social psychology, designed an experiment in group relations in the 1940s.  That experiment provided the scientific basis for NTL Institute's approach to learning.  This approach achieves increased awareness of self and others through facilitated group dialogue that advocates open-minded appreciation and inclusion of differences.

Founded in 1947, NTL Institute, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia with a facility in Bethel, Maine, is a not-for-profit educational company of members and staff whose purpose is to advance the field of applied behavioral sciences and to develop change agents for effective leadership for organizations of all variety.

The NTL Institute Learning Experience

There are hundreds of thousands of NTL Institute alumni who, through NTL Institute learning, have constructively influenced their organizations, getting the best from themselves and the people they lead or serve.  The NTL Institute learning experience is a contemporary curriculum of programs that reflects the most current business thinking to guide leaders of organizations toward discovering imaginative approaches to difficult business problems and complex issues in the workplace.

Learning for Individuals

NTL Institute offers an extensive yearly schedule of learning labs for today's business professional, trainer, consultant, or change agent.  NTL Institute offers nearly 100 open-enrollment programs for individuals in seven areas: change management, diversity, leadership development, organization development, professional and personal development, team development, and training for trainers.

All programs are designed and delivered by NTL Institute faculty who must meet rigid standards for NTL Institute membership before they can design and lead a program.  All labs are lead by a faculty team, so participants receive the benefit of the combined expertise of people with extensive backgrounds, practical experience, and advanced degrees to ensure the highest level of professional competency.

Customized Services

NTL Institute's Customized Services Group offers consulting services and training solutions.  Putting NTL Institute's expertise to work, professional member/consultants work with all sectors, using a systemic analysis of a situation to build collaborative solutions to critical business issues.  Consulting services are offered in executive coaching, strategic planning, change management, diversity initiatives, team development and values and culture measurement and mapping.

In addition to consulting services, NTL Institute's Customized Services Group builds capacity to achieve competitive advantage through training in: change management, diversity management, leadership development, organization development, and team development.

NTL's Customized Services Group partners with an organization to provide consulting and learning solutions that support an organization's mission and build competitive advantage.

Graduate Program

Since 1980, American University and NTL Institute have maintained a successful partnership and provided the AU/NTL Masters of Organization Development.  The program is administered from and the degree granted by American University.  Upon completion of the 20-month program, students receive a Master of Science in Organization Development.  The program consists of 13 courses and 39 credits.  For information about the program, visit www.american.edu/auntl.

Certificate Programs

NTL Institute offers certificate programs targeted to the mid to senior-level professional in three areas of concentration:  appreciative inquiry, diversity leadership, and organization development.

Each certificate track consists of required and/or elective courses that follow a suggested sequence.  Throughout the certificate track, each participant is matched with an NTL member who serves as a learning mentor, guide, and counselor to ensure maximum exploration for the selected area of concentration.  NTL Institute's Human Interaction Lab is the basic requirement for the appreciative inquiry and OD certificate tracks.

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