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Evolutionary Salons

Evolutionary Salons are gatherings in which people share and explore how individuals, groups, and societies can evolve more consciously and wisely. The first Evolutionary Salon was held in May 2005. It was the brainchild of Michael Dowd, but quickly became a co-creation with a community of leaders in collective intelligence and evolutionary action.

Evolutionary Salons are now self-organizing, and organizers expect to soon see them happening throughout a wide geographic area.  The Salons tend to use exploratory dialogue methods such as Open Space and World Cafe to encourage quality conversations among participants.

Evolutionary Salons were inspired by ‘The Great Story,’ which is also known as the Universe Story, Epic of Evolution, or Evolutionary Epic.  The Great Story is humanity’s common creation story. It is the 14 billion year science-based sacred story of cosmic genesis, from the formation of the galaxies and the origin of Earth life, to the development of self-reflective consciousness and human technology, to the emergence of comprehensive compassion and tools to assist humanity in being a blessing to the larger body of life.

THE GREAT STORY is a way of telling the history of everyone and everything that honors and embraces all religious traditions and creation stories. It is the sacred narrative of an evolving Universe of emergent complexity and breathtaking creativity and cooperation – a story that offers each of us the opportunity to find meaning and purpose in our lives and our time in history. The most visible originators of The Great Story are Michael Dowd, a former pastor, and Connie Barlow, a science author.

For further information:

Stories of the first two salons (May 2005 and January 2006)

Wikipedia Entry on The Great Story

The Evolutionary Salon Conversation Website, ‘Evolutionary Nexus: Connecting Evolutionary Agents and Initiatives’
http://www.evolutionarynexus.org/ (old site link — not live as of May 2011)
This blog website provided an opportunity for salon participants (and others) to communicate before the event and to continue the conversation after the salon ends.

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