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Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center – Organizational Systems

This concentration is designed for current and future leaders in all types of organizations (business, educational, health care, community service, government). Students learn the skills important for the creation, design and management of organizations that are able to adapt to continual changes while respecting core human values. The concentration teaches skills of leading change and of active inquiry as a means of addressing complex organizational challenges.

Its multi-disciplinary approach blends elements of graduate study in business, public administration, organizational psychology, systems science, anthropology, and sociology. The unique focus of organizational studies at Saybrook is the combination of academic and professional achievement within a humanistic and transpersonal orientation and the integration of organizational behavior and systems science knowledge. The Organizational Systems concentration is aimed at the person, who wants to contribute to an organization, explore the possibilities of the workplace, and to learn, in a deep way, about the role of the individual in the organization. This program is particularly suited for people in the fields of human resources, social policy, strategic planning, administration and education; professionals such as line managers, psychologists, lawyers and accountants who consult to public and/or private organizations; and change agents, including educators, consultants, administrators, and system designers who see their professional future linked to the development of broad skills in creating organizational designs and social change.

The Organizational Systems concentration offers four optional focus areas

  • Sustainability and Organizational Systems
  • Organization Development and Transformation
  • Human Systems Inquiry and Social Systems Design
  • Leadership in the Systems Design of Education

Students may also take any combination of OS courses if they choose, and NOT follow one of these focus areas.

Distinctive Features

Saybrook's Organizational Systems (OS) program is built around the latest knowledge from both organizational behavior and systems science. In addition to solid grounding in research methods and the fundamentals of organizational systems study, the program offers education in the emerging areas of sustainable development, systems design, organizational learning, appreciative inquiry and more.

Resource Link: www.saybrook.edu/academics/concentrations.asp?strContent=Organizational%20Systems



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