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Teachers College, Columbia University – International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution

The International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR) is committed to developing knowledge and practice to promote constructive conflict resolution, effective cooperation, and social justice. To advance this objective, we partner with individuals, groups, organizations, and communities to learn to resolve conflicts constructively so they may develop just and peaceful relationships. We work with sensitivity to cultural differences at the interface of theory, research, and practice.

Areas of Activity:

Theory and Research

  • Building on the theoretical legacies of Kurt Lewin and Morton Deutsch, we conduct basic research on theory related to conflict, justice, cooperation, and systemic change.
  • We help bridge the gap between theory and practice in these areas.
  • We seek to position the study of conflict, peace, and justice in the mainstream of psychology, education, and related social sciences.


  • We educate future leaders who will further the development of theory and practice in the interrelated areas of conflict resolution, cooperation, and social justice.
  • We seek to increase public awareness of constructive methods for conflict prevention and resolution, of the many forms of oppression, and of strategies for overcoming social injustice in families, organizations, and communities worldwide.


  • We work with educational, non-profit, corporate, and governmental organizations to provide culturally sensitive and relevant services related to conflict, violence, justice, cooperation, and social change.
  • We aspire to model constructive conflict resolution, effective cooperation, and social justice in our daily work.
  • We seek to broaden and enhance our international collaborative network.

Resource Link: www.tc.columbia.edu/icccr/centerMission.html



Teachers College-Columbia University, Box 53, 232 Horace Mann Building, 525 West 120th Street

New York



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