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Images and Voices of Hope

Convened by the Institute for Advanced Appreciative Inquiry, The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization and the Visions of a Better World Foundation, Images and Voices of Hope is an international conversation about the impact of images and stories on people, families, communities, cultures and the world. The purpose of IV of Hope is to strengthen the role of media as agents of world benefit, expanding awareness of the choices those in media make that raise public trust, generate constructive meaning, and amplify human hope, thus enhancing humanity's capacity for life-promoting action.

Participation in the Images and Voices of Hope network is open to artists, media professionals and journalists and those with a stake in a world media of hope and possibility. To convene a conversation in the name of "Images and Voices of Hope", one must subscribe fully to the purpose and principles and demonstrate that commitment in one's life and work.

Resource Link: www.ivofhope.org

Claudia Eisinger, Global Executive Co-ordinator


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