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Online Dialogue on Conflict/Situation Assessments

The fundamental aim of the Online Dialogue on Conflict/Situation Assessment was to simultaneously advance the field's experience and thinking in two areas: the use of online tools and the practice of conflict/situation assessment. The impetus for the 2003 Online Dialogue on Conflict/Situation Assessment project evolved out of two roundtable discussions held during the 2002 Conference on Environmental Conflict Resolution, hosted by the U. S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (U.S. Institute) in Tucson, Arizona. One of these roundtables discussed the theory and practice of conflict/situation assessments; the other talked about the use of cutting-edge online technology to improve environmental and public policy dispute resolution and policy formulation.

Scott McCreary, Xantha Bruso, Jonathan Raab, Colin Rule, Mike Eng, Larry Fisher


Resource Link: www.ecr.gov/pdf/OnlineDialogue.pdf

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