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Neighborhoods Online

Neighborhoods Online was created in 1995 by the Institute for the Study of Civic Values and as an online resource center for America's neighborhood builders – people who work through grassroots organizations, as volunteers, and in government to build strong neighborhoods and communities throughout the country.

The Build-Com Listserv

If you want to become part of the network, subscribe to the build-com listserv that we have created to support neighborhood activism and empowerment. Build-com gives you direct access to hundreds of organizations, government agencies, and researchers working on the problems and issues that we address through Neighborhoods Online.

Build-Com is a listserv established in Philadelphia by the Institute for the Study of Civic Values to build a national network of people active in community organizations, human service agencies, the private sector, and government sharing ideas and information on how we can strengthen neighborhoods and encourage civic engagement throughout the country.

Resource Link: www.neighborhoodsonline.net

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