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The Workshop Book: From Individual Creativity to Group Action

Many people increasingly work in teams or groups where complex issues can arise. Often, group meetings can also be frustratingly inefficient, or dominated by one or two individuals. How can groups work with these complexities in an efficient, highly participatory manner that honors the group’s diverse perspectives and individual creativity, and then form a consensus to action? The Workshop Book (2002) by R. Brian Stanfield outlines the best practices of the “workshop method,” based on the Institute of Cultural Affairs’ Technology of Participation (ToP), and its use in consensus formation, planning, problem solving and research.

TheWorkshopBook-coverThis method of workshopping is based upon the work of highly experienced facilitators throughout the world and has been extensively used by the Institute of Cultural Affairs for over 40 years. The Workshop Book describes the basic workshop method, its various steps and uses, and its further development. It also discusses workshop preparation and design, leadership styles, dealing with difficult behaviors, and special applications such as its use in large groups and for planning purposes.

For those new to the method, The Workshop Book provides the steps, the reasons behind the steps, and valuable hints to make the workshop flow smoothly. For those familiar with the workshop method, this book will provide new and deeper insights. It will appeal to a wide range of facilitators, consultants, and conflict resolution professionals in the corporate and nonprofit worlds, as well as those in Human Resources departments, and the education and health sector.

New Society Publishers, BC, Canada

Resource Link: https://ica.site-ym.com/store/view_product.asp?id=673710

Also on Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/The-Workshop-Book-Individual-Creativity/dp/0865714703

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