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Methodology for Interracial Dialogue: Dialogue/Action Circles on Racism in the Baltimore Region

This evaluation framework, written by Bernadette Wright for the Interfaith Action for Racial Justice, Graduate School of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, consists of two phases. In the first phase, stakeholders’ perceptions of the goals for the dialogue/action circles are examined, through individual and focus group interviews with circle stakeholders. In the second phase, the short-term impacts of the circles are examined in terms of some of the goals identified in phase one.

A combination of three methods were used:

  1. Analysis of written responses to open‑ended questions on circle evaluation forms completed by 197 participants,
  2. Unobtrusive observation of the six scheduled sessions of two dialogue/ action circles, and
  3. Telephone interviews with participants from the two observed circles.

Resource Link: www.ncdd.org/exchange/files/docs/Dialogue_Action_Circles.doc

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