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Participatory Development (PD) Forum

The Participatory Development (PD) Forum / Forum sur le développement participatif (DP) is a leading edge international network of several hundred development practitioners, non-governmental organizations, academics/action researchers, private sector representatives, and policy makers interested in advancing reflection and practice in the area of participatory development.

Formed in 1996, PD Forum was established as a non-profit organization in 1999.

Dynamic and vibrant small organizations – "invisible ones" like PD Forum – promote connections, fill the gaps and inform various stakeholders so that the work we all do remains relevant and becomes more effective in advancing social justice. PD Forum, with the support of individuals, organizations and institutions, will continue to take a leadership role in the global movement on participation to ensure that "participation" does not become merely a catchphrase and that its practice does not fall into a "business as usual" pattern within social justice and development work.

Mandate and Objectives

Our mission is to promote a philosophy of participation that advocates for people's capacity and right to define and control their own development, in order to achieve social justice and equality.

The Forum has five key objectives

  1. To share field experiences of participatory methods among practitioners, policy makers and academics working in this area
  2. To encourage the adoption of alternative approaches to mainstream development
  3. To develop understanding of and capacity in participatory development
  4. To exchange information about participatory development initiatives (e.g. conferences, publications, training in participatory methodologies)
  5. To enhance the participation of members through virtual networking

Core Principles of PD Forum

PD Forum is committed to the following principles that guide its practice:

  • Building long-term interest in PD across cultures and between generations, particularly with younger development practitioners
  • Being open to and inclusive of new members
  • Promoting transparency, the sharing of ideas and experiences
  • Promoting PD as a philosophy and a transformative process rather than as a set of methods or tools
  • Demonstrating a commitment to a process of social and personal change
  • Encouraging individual and collective ownership of activities
  • Advocating the genuine participation of people in their own development

PD Forum Listserv

By subscribing to the listserv at www.pdforum.org/en/listserv/ you will become a member of PD Forum global network of over 700 development practitioners, activists, academics/action researchers, non governmental organizations, private sector representatives, and policy makers interested in advancing reflections and practice in the area of participation.

Members can send job postings, announcements of PD-related events, requests for information and other material you feel might be of interest to the listserv. We welcome contributions to enable us to cover core operational expenses of our key program areas.

Resource Link: www.pdforum.org



1404 Scott Street, Ottawa


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