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BeComing: Women’s Circles, Women’s Lives (DVD)

BeComing is an unscripted documentary which offers a rare opportunity to witness what transpires in the privacy of women's circles. The ten women filmed are multi-cultural and cross-generational, with an age span from thirty to eighty. BeComing takes an experiential look at a woman's circle and the women who create it. By joining their circle over a two-year period, we see first-hand what it is to build and be a part of a community, a part of our society which has been lost to some of us. The women speak of their process of creating and sustaining circle, as well as the effects of the circle in their daily lives.

The primary theme addressed in BeComing is the power of provocative questions coupled with deep listening to enhance the quality of our lives, individually and in community. Secondarily, BeComing offers an example of how a circle can hold each woman in her distinct paths in life as she shares the inherent dilemmas and tensions of living in today's culture.

This documentary was an offering/gift from the hearts of the two producers. A not-for-profit venture, this video and now DVD was intended to support a different kind of conversation, for our sons and daughters. In our experience, circles afford a place for women to be heard into speech.

Stephanie Ryan and Sarita Chawla

Resource Link: www.becoming-womenscircles.com/ordering.html

Thank you to Stephanie Ryan and Sarita Chawla, Founding Partners of Demeter Matrix, for submitting this resource!

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