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Fabulous Facilitators Network, Breakfasts and Listserv

Lisa Heft hosts a “Fabulous Facilitators Breakfast” each month in Berkeley, California for a dynamic, growing group of facilitators. This casual breakfast group brings facilitators in the region together for mutual support, learning, interaction and community. Over breakfast, facilitators who specialize in a variety of methods share challenges, questions, news and mutual appreciation in about a 2-hour time span without an agenda.

They also share news about their workshops, ideas for collaboration, flyers to share and feedback on facilitation ‘gigs’ they have done or are about to do.

The group can be emailed as needed for instant feedback or to convene an “emergency” café meeting if you need some group support about something between monthly meetings.  And sometimes we teach each other the methods in which we specialize – for these we schedule a different time than our breakfast meetings.

We also share news about our own workshops – feel free to print up some flyers and bring them to the breakfast – especially if you can offer discounts to Fabulous Facilitators. Note that as a group we do not appreciate people emailing us announcements of their workshops if they’ve never sat with us and shared with us – it is specifically a group whose culture and interests are that of face-to-face interaction about issues of mutual interest.

You are welcome to join us – as a beginning facilitator or one who has worked in the field for decades – we all have much to learn from one another. Please feel free to invite anyone you know to an upcoming breakfast.

Email Lisa at lisaheft@openingspace.net for information on where and when the group is meeting next.

Here’s how Lisa Heft described Fabulous Facilitators in a handout she distributed during her workshop at the 2006 NCDD Conference in San Francisco:

Fabulous Facilitators is a learning community of seasoned facilitators and those new to the field — I founded it in 2002 as a response to colleagues’ desires to come together for mutual support, learning, interaction and community. A Fabulous Facilitators meeting is a casual 2-hour breakfast conversation about group process and facilitation, without an agenda. The conversation simply goes where it goes as members share questions, experiences, challenges, news and process design puzzles while their colleagues offer feedback, ideas, appreciation and support. We bring pot-luck food to share, flyers for their events or workshops, and a shared appreciation of the rich learning offered by a diverse group of colleagues. In order to take advantage of the group’s precious time together in-person, I offer handouts that answer many of the questions that repeatedly arise in the meetings — to provide new members with information but also to keep the focus on deep conversation and interchange.

Download the full handout here.

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  1. Lisa Heft Says:

    Hi, folks – I just noticed that this listing includes some older info. We discontinued the Topica list (and I will not get a request-to-join if you send it to them. Please feel free to contact me directly at my direct email, above.

  2. Sandy Heierbacher Says:

    Lisa – do you have a different listserv running now, or no listserv?

  3. Sandy Heierbacher Says:

    Just removed the reference to the Topica listserv for you, Lisa!