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Sustained Dialogue Campus Network

The Sustained Dialogue Campus Network (SDCN) is a project of The International Institute for Sustained Dialogue (IISD). In 1999, students began using a unique process called Sustained Dialogue (SD) to proactively improve race relations on college campuses. A network of Sustained Dialogue practitioners has since formed, connecting students at over a dozen colleges, universities, and high schools across the country. This network, called the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network, represents a budding social movement of passionate students deeply engaged in changing the dynamics of their campus climate.

Sustained Dialogue is a 5-stage model developed by Dr. Harold Saunders, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State. It improves and transforms relationships strained by racial, ethnic, religious, cultural and other differences.

SDCN supports groups of students interested in initiating, moderating, and institutionalizing Sustained Dialogue, an organic five- stage process that addresses strained relationships to improve communities. Our branches include Princeton University, University of Virginia, Dickinson College, University of Notre Dame, Colorado College, Denison University, West Virginia University, The Lawrenceville School, Princeton High School, and Stevenson High School. SDCN is also currently in conversation with other colleges and high schools interested in starting an SD program.

Resources on Organizing Sustained Dialogue Programs on College Campuses

  • Teddy Nemeroff and David Tukey, Diving In: A Handbook for Improving Race Relations on College Campuses through the Process of Sustained Dialogue (Washington, DC: IISD, 2001)
    Samar Katnani and Priya Parker, Embracing a Vision: A Handbook for Student Leaders (Washington, DC: IISD, 2003)
  • Jessica Munitz, Priya Parker, Samar Katnani, Moderating Sustained Dialogue: A Manual for Facilitators of Dialogues on Race(Washington, DC: IISD, 2003)
  • Aseil Abu-Baker, Tessa Garcia, Jelani McEwen-Torrence, Moderating Sustained Dialogue: A Manual for Facilitators of Dialogues on Race, High School Edition. Adapted from Moderating Sustained Dialogue (Munitz, Parker, Katnani, 2003). (Washington, DC: IISD, 2004)
  • Sustained Dialogue Campus Network, Facilitating a Year in Sustained Dialogue: A Guide for Student Moderators (Washington, DC: IISD, 2005)

Resource Link: sdcampusnetwork.org



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