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The Deliberation Network

The Deliberation Network is a consultancy that offers services for government, business and community organizations. Developing good policy is a complex challenge for both government and business. The Deliberation Network designs public engagement strategies that can yield creative, credible and effective policy directions. The days of making public policy and corporate decisions in executive isolation are gone. When organizations limit their public engagement initiatives to damage control or sterile consultation models, nothing is learned and no one is fooled.

The Deliberation Network encourages its clients, both inside and outside government, to consider the advantages that modern engagement initiatives can achieve. Scarce resources and competing economic interests are still central factors in making sound public policy. However, today, the policy environment is also shaped by environmental sustainability, social justice and competition from companies and countries around the world. Effective engagement strategies build the trust and credibility that are needed to face difficult choices and uncover new possibilities. The Deliberation Network designs and manages engagement strategies for government, corporate, union and non-government organizations.

The emerging field of dialogue and deliberation offers a wide range of engagement methodologies with proven results. For policy makers, the bar for consultation has been raised.

Tim Woods, Partner



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