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Zhaba Facilitators Collective

ZHABA is a collective that helps people be more effective in their actions for nature and environment, social justice, and democracy. They work primarily with citizen initiatives and grassroots organisations. As facilitators, Zhaba members promote creativity and effectiveness in projects, campaigns, and organisations. Their focus is on process: how to make meetings, discussions, and workplaces work, and be fun as well.

ZHABA offers facilitation, preparation, coaching and evaluation of all kinds of processes. The facilitators can also organise a workshop, an open space session or the planning of a process for you and your organisation. Sometimes our work comes in the form of advice, hands-on training or just being there while you are working. Last but not least, we have a long record of doing evaluations for organisations that want to improve the way they are working by learning from the past.

Facilitators Pool

The facilitators pool consists of trained and experienced facilitators from all over Europe. Some of them completely depend for their income on the work they do in the framework of Zhaba; for others it is a part-time, partly income activity.

Besides this facilitators pool, a large group of facilitators received training from Zhaba facilitators in the past or worked together with Zhaba facilitators. They also can be invited to do assignments in the framework of Zhaba.

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