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Spectrum of Processes for Collaboration and Consensus-Building in Public Decisions

This one-page spectrum (2008) was developed by Suzanne Orenstein, Lucy Moore and Susan Sherry, members of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Future of Collaboration and Consensus on Public Issues, in consideration of and inspiration from the spectra developed by International Association for Public Involvement (Public Participation Spectrum) and the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (Engagement Streams Framework).

While all types of processes have intrinsic value on their own, those on the right side of the spectrum tend to include early phases akin to those on the left side and those on the left side often support participants in moving to next steps akin to those on the right side.

Download the Spectrum of Processes here: spectrum2008-CollabConsensusInPubDecisions

List of Members of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Future of Collaboration and Consensus on Public Issues

  • Peter Adler, Keystone Center
  • Gail Bingham, RESOLVE
  • Chris Carlson, Policy Consensus Institute
  • Susan Carpenter, Independent Facilitator
  • Cindy Cook, Adamant Accord and Association for Conflict Resolution
  • Frank Dukes, Institute for Environmental Negotiation, UVA
  • Don Edwards, Justice & Sustainability Associates
  • Michael Elliott, Environmental and Public Policy Section, Association for Conflict
  • Pat Field, Consensus Building Institute Cameron Fraser, International Association of Facilitators
  • John Godec, International Association for Public Participation (IAP2)
  • Phil Harter, American Bar Association Administrative Law Section, and Center for Dispute Resolution, University of Missouri Law School
  • Sandy Heierbacher, National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation
  • Maggie Herzig, Public Conversations Project
  • Matt Leighninger, Deliberative Democracy Consortium
  • Michael Lewis, JAMS
  • Carolyn Lukensmeyer, AmericaSpeaks
  • Raphael Montalvo, Florida CR Consortium
  • Lucy Moore, Independent Facilitator
  • Suzanne Orenstein, Independent Facilitator, Co-Chair of Working Group
  • Bill Potapchuk, Community Building Institute
  • Susan Sherry, Center for Collaborative Policy, CA State University,Sacramento
  • Larry Susskind, Consensus Building Institute/Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, MIT Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning, Co-Chair of Working Group
  • Elissa Tonkin, ADR Coordinator, U.S. EPA, New England

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