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Song Of A Citizen

“Song Of A Citizen” is a unique collaboration of thinkers and artists exploring what it really means to be a fully engaged and effective citizen in modern times — how we-the-people are measuring up — how we can do better — and why we must.

Song Of A Citizen’s debut effort is an innovative series of online “video op-eds,” featuring an array of nationally renowned political philosophers and self-governance experts (including NCDD members Martha McCoy, Carolyn Lukensmeyer and Will Friedman) — presented in a playful and engaging visual style — each making the case in their own compelling way.  View the video op-eds at www.songofacitizen.com.

Non-profit and non-partisan, we have two main goals.  One is to inspire fellow Americans to acknowledge that we all need to start taking our jobs as citizens more seriously — much more seriously — as the only way to truly fix broken government, and our dangerously dysfunctional democracy.  Our companion goal is to help shatter the frustration many citizens feel by showcasing proven methods and processes that ordinary people of all political persuasions are already using to engage with each other across party lines in a highly productive way, enabling them to reach common ground on how to address political issues, and to turn talk into action by amplifying their individual and collective voices in a way that motivates elected officials to respond in a serious manner.

Producing and virally promoting an ongoing series of web videos (some serious, some entertaining) — as well as documentaries, TV programs, psa’s, and other forms of visual media — is the method by which we will spread the word.

In so doing, we hope to spark an ongoing national conversation about how Americans of all stripes can inspire each other to radically upgrade the operating system of democracy.  For ourselves, and for the benefit of future generations.

Resource Link:  http://www.songofacitizen.com

About Jeffrey Abelson, Founder of Song of a Citizen

Jeffrey Abelson is a writer and documentary filmmaker, whose last PBS film was about Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Paul Conrad (narrated by Tom Brokaw).  He started his career producing music-videos tied into major movies (from Ghostbusters to Terminator-2), resulting in eight #1 MTV hits.

Concerned about the dysfunctional state of America’s political system, and animated by a belief that we’ll never fix broken government without first fixing our broken sense of responsible citizenship, Abelson has launched Song Of A Citizen — a non-profit, non-partisan venture to produce innovative web videos and other visual media in collaboration with prominent thinkers and artists, designed to spark a radical upgrade in the concept of self-governance in America.

Abelson writes regularly about this subject as a contributing blogger to the Huffington Post — with other pieces published in the LA Times, NY Times, TPMCafe, and other major blogs.

He is currently developing a series of joint venture projects with major organizations in the civic engagement and citizen-deliberation fields to enable him to further utilize his hybrid filmmaking skills in service to popularizing the meme of the Serious Citizen, and all that flows from that.

He is also available, on a commissioned basis, to produce videos and other media for other non-profit projects that fall within his area of interest.  Jeffrey can be contacted at ja@songofacitizen.org.

This resource listing was submitted to NCDD by Jeffrey Abelson.

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