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You Get What You Measure

Yellow Wood offers a trademarked, alternative approach to strategic planning and evaluation with its You Get What You Measure® process. You Get What You Measure is a facilitated group process developed by Yellow Wood for helping people with diverse perspectives who share common goals learn how to measure progress toward their shared goals. It is a powerful tool that uses systems thinking to identify the key leverage points in a system that, if moved in the desired direction, will cause the entire system to move toward attaining the goal at hand.

Through the You Get What You Measure process, an organization can reflect on their work over the past few years, restate the conditions they are trying to achieve (goals), identify indicators of progress toward those goals, analyze the indicators in a systems context to find the key leverage points, articulate specific measures of change in key leverage indicators, and develop action plans to induce desired change.

The process has been used successfully by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Forest Service, the Missouri Departments of Mental Health, Health, and Economic Development, the Northwest Area Foundation, and by Arizona Cooperative Extension, among others, to develop and implement meaningful measures of progress. You Get What You Measure is a trademarked process developed by Yellow Wood, not available from other consultants.

You Get What You Measure is not a cookie-cutter approach. It is a creative process that is self-customizing to the unique circumstances of every program and organization. Yellow Wood staff members are skilled facilitators and have extensive experience in all aspects of the design and management of workshops and trainings in a variety of settings and with diverse participants.

The process can be presented in any number of formats, including webinar or in-person modules, a one day introduction using a case study, or with an organization on an actual on the ground issue.

This resource was submitted by Melissa Levy of Yellow Wood Associates via NCDD’s Add-A-Resource form. Melissa Levy is a Senior Associate at Yellow Wood Associates, a small woman owned consulting firm in St. Albans, Vermont, specializing in rural community and economic development. Find more about Yellow Wood Associates at www.yellowwood.org.

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