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Susanne Hoogwater, Visual Facilitator

Susanne Hoogwater is a visual facilitator, mediator, lawyer and artist based in Denver, Colorado.  She speaks English and Dutch, and is happy to travel throughout the U.S. and abroad.  Her company’s website is www.peacemapping.com.

She does visual consulting, graphic recording and visual mediation for the Conflict Resolution community, for mediators, for dialogue hosts, and restorative justice practitioners.

From the PeaceMapping.com “about” page…

I choose to play and work in the peace landscape, because I care about safety, justice and full aliveness for humanity. I belief that authentic presence and skillful conversation is the evolutionary path of peace. We could all use some advanced navigation skills and tools.  Slowing down the pace of talking and listening. Remembering the simplicity. Embracing the complexity. Honoring direct human communication. Seeing the connections. A map that shows us where we are, where others are and which routes may lead to shared destinations.

As we walk this path, we can form and transform the quality of our relationships and agreements with ourselves, each other, our communities, our resources and our world.  We can also create new mindsets about the bumps in the road. Conflict is a highly uncomfortable challenge and opportunity to redefine and reshape our landscape. Agreement has a wide range of possibilities, between settling down and aiming for the highest good. An ongoing process of finding the peace factor in our conflicts and facing the conflict factor in our peace. As a visual thinker, I like to draw the map as I walk the path. It’s great to know where I am and to envision where I am going.

I would love to share my skills to help you, your team or your organization to navigate your landscape of agreement, conflict and peace. Can you imagine that sorting out a conflict, or shaping an agreement could be a comfortable and energizing experience?
My intention for every project is to:

  • understand the goals of my clients and the context of the meeting or event,
  • connect with the people involved and their information processes
  • be present with my heart, mind and markers
  • amplify the listening and harvesting quality in the room
  • inspire a dynamic creative flow in the meeting
  • provide event organizers with meaningful and beautiful ‘big pictures’ to share the stories of the meeting with other stakeholders and to move actions forward
  • work in a state of ease, grace and playful depth.

This work is a blend of different professional roles as a graphic facilitator, creative  lawyer, artist, mediator and Reiki master. My expertise is based on twelve years of legal practice in the Netherlands, six years of creative entrepreneurship, and ongoing training in art, creative thinking, visual communication, graphic facilitation, and dialogue skills. In 2005 I published a book titled “Visual language for lawyers” and started a business in legal information design www.legalvisuals.nl. Two recent projects are www.legalsketchpad.com and www.goodmoodlaw.com.

My training in graphic recording & facilitation skills includes training from Christina Merkley in Canada and an internship with Alchemy Business Consulting. I did my mediation training with CDR Associates in Boulder . I followed a series of classes about the use of State of Grace Documents. I participate in a Non Violent Communication Practice Group (based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg). I am a member of the International Forum of Visional Practitioners IFVP.

I am actively involved with The Safe Conflict Project, a fresh peacebuilding organization that drives collaboration for the global safe conflict movement.

Bridging continents and cross-cultural sense making is a familiar experience to me. I am from the Netherlands, and moved with my family to the USA in 2005. I speak Dutch, English, French, and German.

I live in the Denver area, Colorado, United States. I provide live graphic recording services and visual co-mediation for national and international meetings.

Resource Link: www.peacemapping.com

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