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Online Public Participation Platforms and Applications

This 10-page white paper by Della G. Rucker, AICP, CEcD and Patrick F. Whalen (version dated November 9, 2012) was developed to orient readers who are interested in local public participation to some of the existing online platforms and services available at this time, and create a base level of understanding with regard to each approach’s strengths and most appropriate applications.

The following companies (and their current platforms) are described:

  • Mindmixer
  • Urban Interactive Studio
  • Delib
  • Crowdbrite
  • Change By Us
  • Ideascale
  • PlaceSpeak
  • Open Town Hall
  • Citizen Participation Suite by Granicus
  • MetroQuest

The reader should note that the field of online public participation is a young one, and that new providers appear on a regular basis and may not be captured by this white paper. Existing providers also update their applications regularly and may add subtstantial capacities within a short time frame. Finally, readers should also note that online public participation providers are generally early stage firms, and vary widely in terms of their internal capacity and stabiliy.

This paper was developed as part of the Wise Economy Workshop & New World Public Engagement.

Resource Link: http://wiseeconomy.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Online-Engagement-Platforms-White-Paper-WEW-NWPE-11-09-12.pdf

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  1. Paul Dombowsky Says:

    Good article with one omission: Ideavibes and our easy to use, affordable and social multilingual platform. The Ideavibes platform and our supporting services have been doing successful engagements for close to 2 years. We have a great free trial available to help you get started. .

  2. Sandy Heierbacher Says:

    Hi, Paul! This is Sandy Heierbacher – director and cofounder of NCDD. Ideavibes sounds interesting — I wasn’t familiar with that one before. Would you like to see it added to the NCDD Resource Center as its own post? If so, use the form at http://ncdd.org/rc/add to submit a 3- or 4-paragraph description of the tool. I’d like to see it included.