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Community Network Analysis tool from the Orton Family Foundation

This 6-page resource developed by the Orton Family Foundation guides you through six steps to help you identify and map key community networks and stakeholder groups and identify how to reach them. Community Network Analysis (CNA) is a powerful tool for understanding who lives, works and plays in your community and how best to reach them. It’s meant to be used repeatedly to identify: 1) project leadership, 2) partners and 3) participants.

CNA is part stakeholder analysis (it identifies people and organizations that may influence or be influenced by a particular project), but it goes beyond that by considering the connections among different community groups. It also provides a framework for how you can tap into the different demographics in your community.

This rich resource from Orton walks you through the following six steps…

  1. Orton LogoKnow your demographics
  2. Identify stakeholders
  3. Identify Your Community Networks
  4. Identify Your Network Connectors
  5. Identify Communication Opportunities
  6. Identify Network Resources
  7. Understand connections of networks to your project

Resource Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nrtyvax91u6jvc5/CIRD_Handout_CNA.pdf

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