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Making Dialogue Effective

MakingDialogueEffective-coverThis booklet, published by registered charity the Dialogue Society in 2013, brings together key insights and recommendations from a series of discussions exploring the role and value of dialogue and considering how its quality might be improved and its reach extended. The discussions brought together dialogue professionals, religious leaders, conflict resolution specialists, academics and other professionals with a wealth of relevant experience, to tackle questions such as the following:

  • Does dialogue really extend beyond the tea-fuelled self-congratulation of a few liberal religious believers?
  • Does it have any real social effects, and could any such effects be augmented?
  • How can it reach beyond the sympathetic to those whose attitudes and behaviour are an actual threat to peace and social cohesion?

The resource comprises short articles on each of the discussions and an extensive list of practical recommendations, some taken from the discussions and some based on Dialogue Society experience. It is intended to be a contribution to an ongoing dialogue on dialogue and to the sharing of best practice.

Resource Link: www.dialoguesociety.org/publications.html (free download)

This resource was submitted by Frances Sleap of The Dialogue Society via our Add-A-Resource form.

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