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Higher Education Exchange 2011

The Higher Education Exchange is an annual journal from the Kettering Foundation that serves as a forum for new ideas and dialogue between scholars and the larger public. Essays explore ways that students, administrators, and faculty can initiate and sustain an ongoing conversation about the public life they share.

The 2011 edition focuses on “a current consideration of learning.”  Below is an excerpt from the introduction…

This issue of the Higher Education Exchange continues its new focus that began in 2010. The journal now seeks to more closely align its theme to the research agenda of the Kettering Foundation. As David Mathews explains in the opening article, the foundation has spent the last year in conversation and research on what was once thought of as our “public schools” work. Through the course of several decades of research, our focus has moved from schools to education to a current consideration of “learning.” While a college of education within the university deals with teacher preparation, Mathews suggests that every college within the institution needs to be concerned with “learning.”

Mathews begins his inquiry with the arresting proposition that “the real school of education is, in fact, the entire institution itself; that is, the university or community college as a whole.” He asks, “What might the implications be of taking this proposition seriously?”

In the articles that follow, several scholars and practitioners respond to Mathews’ question from perspectives within and around the academy. As you will read, engagement, transformation, and relationships figure into each response.

– Deborah Witte, Editor of the Higher Education Exchange

…along with the contents of the journal…

Contents of the 2011 Edition

Deborah Witte

What Is the Real College of Education?
David Mathews

Forging Ties That Bind: The Engagement Challenge in Higher Education
Frank Fear

Engaged Faculty: An Interview
KerryAnn O’Meara

Student-Led Civic Education: A Different Way of Knowing
Harold H. Saunders, David Tukey, Amy Lazarus, and Rhonda Fitzgerald

Community Colleges and Civic Learning: An Interview
Bernie Ronan

Not For Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities By Martha C. Nussbaum
Sara A. Mehltretter Drury, Reviewer

This edition of the journal is currently available as both a free download and in print (also free with shipping) from the Kettering Foundation website.

Resource Link: http://kettering.org/periodicals/hex-2011/

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