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Consensus Building Institute, Inc.

CBI is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based organization committed to refining the art and science of consensus building. Consensus building involves informal, face-to-face interaction among representatives of stakeholding groups. It aims for 'mutual gain' solutions, rather than win-lose or lowest common denominator outcomes.

CBI improves the way leaders, advocates, experts and communities make public and organizational decisions. We use innovative strategies to engage diverse stakeholders, identify shared goals, manage conflicting interests, achieve joint gains, and build productive working relationships.

We work with government agencies, community groups, businesses, advocacy organizations, researchers and educators. Our work spans:

  • economic, environmental and social issues in the U.S. and around the world;
  • organizational management in corporations, public agencies and non-profits; and
  • conflict resolution education in schools.

Resource Link: www.cbuilding.org


238 Main Street, Suite 400




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