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Journals and newsletters on dialogue, deliberation, public engagement and conflict resolution.

A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society

An interdisciplinary journal of research and commentary concentrating on the intersection of law, policy, and information technology, the first issue featured a symposium on electronic rule-making, book reviews and an article on HIV/AIDS, Information and Communication in Africa. The journal is jointly produced by Carnegie Mellon's InSITeS and the Center for Interdisciplinary Law and Policy Studies at The Ohio State University's Moritz College of Law. (continue)

A Randomly Selected Chamber: Promises and Challenges

The 26-page article, A Randomly Selected Chamber: Promises and Challenges (2017), was written by Pierre-Etienne Vandamme and Antione Verret-Hamelin, and published in the Journal of Public Deliberation: Vol. 13: Iss. 1. In the article, the authors discuss the lack of confidence people have in contemporary democracy and hypothethize the hopes and challenges of how a randomly selected chamber of representatives would address this. Read an excerpt of the article below and find the PDF available for download on the Journal of Public Deliberation site here. From the introduction… Contemporary democratic representation […] (continue)

A Treasure Chest About to Open (Connection 2015)

The two-page article, A Treasure Chest About to Open by Nicholas A. Felts was published in Kettering Foundation‘s annual newsletter,“Connections 2015 – Our History: Journeys in KF Research” in the fall of 2015. Felts shares some of the history of National Issues Forums, one of the most valuable assets to come from the forums, and reveals an exciting project soon to be released from Kettering. NIF has been running for 30 years, making it one of the longest running citizen-to-citizen public engagement experiences. Over the last […] (continue)

About Race Relations newsletter

About.com's free weekly email newsletter about Race Relations. (continue)

Accord: An International Review of Peace Initiatives

This full-text online journal provides detailed narrative and rigorous analysis on specific war and peace processes, combining readability with practical relevance. Accord acts as a primer for international readers unfamiliar with specific wars and peace processes as well as a reference tool containing comprehensive texts of peace agreements. (continue)

African Journal on Conflict Resolution

In launching a new academic journal focusing on conflict transformation in Africa in 1999, ACCORD fulfilled a long-held ambition to contribute to the intellectual development of thinking, writing and dialogue in the field of conflict management on the continent of Africa. (continue)

Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation

Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation is the national newsletter covering cutting-edge alternative dispute resolution (ADR) developments, best practices, and trends in business. Alternatives provides authoritative guidance for using ADR at companies, firms, and the courts. Articles focus exclusively on business disputes - and examine all the ADR strategies business use, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and more. (continue)

AmericaSpeaks News

AmericaSpeaks, a non-profit organization, engages citizens in the public decisions that impact their lives through their innovative 21st Century Town Meetings, as well as citizen engagement consulting, strategic planning services, and public speaking. Their quarterly e-newsletter is geared towards their network of AmericaSpeaks facilitators. (continue)

AntiRacismNet Mailing Lists

AntiRacismNet is an international online network of anti-racism organizations and practitioners. The site hosts dozens of mailing lists for groups and organizations such as the World Conference Against Racism, Project Change, and Movement Beyond Borders. (continue)

Around the Kitchen Table (e-Journal)

Around the Kitchen Table is an eJournal on economic opportunity published by Demos. Demos is a non-partisan, non-profit public policy research and advocacy organization which seeks to bring everyone into the life of American democracy and to achieve a broadly shared prosperity characterized by greater opportunity and less disparity. (continue)