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AmericaSpeaks recently launched a new effort to support U.S. officials who seek to involve citizens in shaping policy. They’re partnering with leading Canadian citizen participation firm Ascentum to offer a set of services and tools that they believe public officials need to create meaningful opportunities for citizen participation. You can find these at ASonline.org. (continue)

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Here are some great tips that Joe Goldman from AmericaSpeaks sent out to people who were considering writing op-eds/letters to the editor as a part of the Democracy Communications Network Nasonex For Sale, ... Limit the article to 750 words. Shorter is even better, real brand Nasonex online. Online buying Nasonex, Unfortunately, newspapers have limited space to offer, Nasonex coupon, Cheap Nasonex, and editors generally won't take the time to cut a long article down to size. Make a single point -- well. You cannot […] (continue)

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AmericaSpeaks' newest case study highlights the 2009 Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism National Town Meeting. More than 1,000 people in 16 cities and online came together to set an agenda for addressing the service needs for adults with autism. The 4-page case study can be downloaded here... (continue)

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This video features AmericaSpeaks' summer 2010 national discussion on the nation's fiscal challenges. The core video is only about 6 minutes long, but included at the end are several minutes of interviews with participants and partners about their experience at the event. www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfOqh_yKPR0 (continue)

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Buy Tindamax Without Prescription, 3,500 Americans came together across 57 sites around the country to discuss the nation’s long-term fiscal challenges on June 26, 2010 as part of Our Budget, Our Economy:  An AmericaSpeaks National Town Meeting. Tindamax wiki, Participants worked in small groups with skilled facilitators to learn about the issues, weigh trade offs, kjøpe Tindamax på nett, köpa Tindamax online, Order Tindamax online overnight delivery no prescription, and express their preferences. Face-to-face meetings at each of the sites took place simultaneously and were […] (continue)

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Written by NCDD director Sandy Heierbacher to expand upon the text on our "What Are Dialogue & Deliberation?" page. Buy Colchicine Without Prescription, This resource provides enough details to enable you to decide which of these leading dialogue and deliberation methods you should learn more about. In addition to looking at which methods fit your intentions, you will need to consider which methods are aligned with your resources, timeline, and the people you feel need to be involved. The text below is drawn from NCDD's […] (continue)

Open Policy Making 101: 10 Questions To Ask Before Launching Your Online Public Consultation

Open Policy Making 101: 10 Questions To Ask Before Launching Your Online Public Consultation (November 2009) is a list of ten important questions to consider before beginning an online public consultation, published by Joseph Peters, a founding Partner of Ascentum, and Joe Goldman, the Vice President of Citizen Engagement at AmericaSpeaks. The ten questions are listed below, and for more details, check out the full document, posted on Ascentum's website. What do you want to know? What is your commitment to participants? Who needs to […] (continue)

21st Century Town Meeting

AmericaSpeaks' 21st Century Town Meeting method creates engaging, meaningful opportunities for citizens to participate in public decision making. This unique process updates the traditional New England town meeting to address the needs of today's citizens, decision makers and democracy. (continue)

CoVision and Council

CoVision supports process consultants and executives with methods, tools and capacity to affect change through increased collaboration. Over 14 years and 3,000 meetings, CoVision has provided large groups (and small) with a simple and effective 'fast-feedback' capability. (continue)

Transforming the World Trade Center and America After 9/11

This chapter includes an overview of the philosophical and conceptual underpinnings of the AmericaSpeaks model, a recent and remarkable example of its use in the planning process for rebuilding lower Manhattan and the World Trade Center, and what it takes to put together a town meeting of several thousand people. The authors describe a model for citizen engagement and democratic deliberation that demonstrates the power of citizens coming together, productively, to influence important policy decisions that impact their lives - locally, regionally, and nationally. (continue)