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Playing for the Public Good: The Arts in Planning and Government

Arts and culture play a crucial role in increasing, diversifying, and sustaining public participation, navigating contentious issues, and fostering productive public dialogue and decision making. In 2013, Animating Democracy, a program of Americans for the Arts, published Playing for the Public Good: The Arts in Planning and Government — a trend paper that highlights a wide range of arts and culture-based projects or programs that broaden participation and deepen meaning beyond typical planning processes and/or governmental systems and structures. When governmental and civic entities employ the arts to engage people in public processes, […] (continue)

The Future of the Arts & Society: A Guide for Public Discussion

The Interactivity Foundation has just produced a guide authored by fellow Natalie Hopkinson titled “The Future of the Arts & Society: A guide for public discussion.” Natalie worked with a diverse group of people–sculptors and poets, curators and film scholars, rapper, playwright/actor, a waitress, graduate student, economist, an attorney–to generate these possibilities about the arts. They spent many months talking about the public decisions that we will have to make as the role of art in our communities continues to evolve. They considered basic questions such […] (continue)

Lane Change: Graphic Facilitator/Recorder

Based in San Francisco, Lane Change offers graphic facilitation and recording services by practitioners with a deep understanding of group processes and the psychology of change. They create murals of your conversations using text and imagery that can be used to support the change you are creating. They have worked with groups of people from 3-300 from around the globe. Their approach and portfolio can be viewed on their website. Resource Link:  http://www.lanechangeconsulting.com Submitted by Nevada Lane, principal graphic recorder at Lane Change Consulting, via […] (continue)

Anne M Jess -The Doodle Biz, Graphic Recorder

Anne M. Jess is a graphic recorder based in Seattle. She has been practicing the art of Graphic Recording since 2006. During that time, she received her MA in Organizational Design and Renewal from Seattle University, has run workshops for the American Society of Trainers and Developers, and has created beautiful records of meetings and vision gatherings for groups such as the Seattle School District, the Hanford Challenge, Senior Services of Seattle, and others.  Here is Ann’s description of her work: Have you ever sat through […] (continue)

See In Colors – Helping Your Group See The Big Picture

See In Colors is a graphic recording / facilitation consulting firm serving the local Washington, DC metro area (DC, MD, VA), capturing conversations with hand drawn pictures and text to spark ideas and boost understanding among participants, enriching facilitation and learning. Resource Link: http://seeincolors.com/ Submitted by Lisa Nelson, creative director of See in Colors, via NCDD’s Add-A-Resource form. (continue)

Patricia Kambitsch, Visual Practitioner

Patricia Kambitsch is a visual practitioner based in Toronto. Patricia does graphic recording and graphic facilitation work, which she shares via her website www.playthink.com.  Here is Patricia’s description of her work: I sketch words, capture themes, and draw images to represent the essential story in a conversation as it happens. The result takes on the form of a big picture that invites participation, clarifies intentions and inspires future actions. Using markers on large scrolls of paper posted on the wall, or by sketching in my […] (continue)

Karina Mullen, Graphic Recorder and Facilitation

Karina Mullen is a visual facilitator and graphic recorder based in Fort Collins, Colorado. “Visual facilitation” is a method of visual note-taking; simply put, Karina listens to your group talk and captures key ideas from the conversation/meeting/presentation/etc. She uses hand-drawn images and text to make a large map of your ideas in real-time. Using graphic recording helps the group synthesize information, facilitates collaboration, creative thinking, and brings energy to the group. Complex systems are visualized and the conversation is organized so that you can free […] (continue)

Rebecca Lazenby, Graphic Facilitator

Rebecca Lazenby is a freelance visual practitioner and graphic recorder. At events, meetings, and conferences she captures conversations using words and images that reflect and record ideas. Rebecca links, reflects and communicates ideas using words and pictures – her work with groups generates a visual language that anchors activities and she help clients to structure ideas and information and create dynamic communications materials. She tries to tell a story of the day with her images and has worked at many community engagement events where graphic recording […] (continue)

Reilly Dow, Graphic Recorder

Reilly Dow is a graphic recorder currently based in Austin, TX, with roots in Toronto and Mexico City as well. She work with clients to create visual representations of conversations, meetings and other events in real time. The idea is that all participants feel acknowledged and recognize the importance of their active participation. Graphic recording also increases understanding, productivity and creativity, and facilitates systems thinking. Learn more about Reilly’s work at www.pinkfish.ca. For a copy of her portfolio or to start a conversation, email Reilly at […] (continue)

IFVP Map of Visual Practitioners

The International Forum of Visual Practitioners has a wonderful map of their members that anyone can access!  Looking for a graphic recorder for an upcoming conference or event?  Click on the state you’re holding your event in and see who’s nearby.  You’ll find their contact info, website address, bio, and more. Those of you who have attended NCDD conferences know that we rely on graphic recorders to bring the ideas that germinate at our conferences to life.  You can see a nice overview of how we’ve used […] (continue)