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Junebug Productions

Junebug Productions, Inc. (JPI) is a non-profit cultural organization based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our mission is to produce, present and support the development of high quality theater, dance, music, storytelling and other artistic work that represents, supports and encourages African Americans in the Black Belt South of ordinary means who are working to improve the quality of life available to themselves and the similarly oppressed who work for justice in the world at large. Established in 1980, JPI is the organizational successor to the Free Southern Theater, founded in 1963 as a cultural arm of the civil rights movement. (continue)

Categorizing the Dialogue & Deliberation Community

The following is a working document developed in 2002 to ensure that members of the planning team for the first National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation were aware of the various streams of dialogic and deliberative practice. The 2002 conference was the first major event to bring people together from the entire spectrum of D&D practice, and it was important to us that all of these streams felt welcomed to the conference, and were represented in all aspects of the conference - from the handbook to the break-out sessions. (continue)

Illegal Art

Launched in the summer of 2001, Illegal Art is a collaborative of artists whose goal is to create interactive public art to inspire self-reflection, thought and human connection. Each piece is then presented or distributed in a method in which participation is simple and encouraged. (continue)

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

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The Kitchen

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Albany Park Theater Project

The Albany Park Theater Project utilizes the medium of theater to help teenagers recognize and achieve their potential, with an emphasis on nurturing their educational ambitions and sense of civic responsibility. (continue)

Los Angeles Poverty Department Theatre Company

Los Angeles Poverty Department was founded in 1985 by director, actor, activist, and writer John Malpede. At its inception, LAPD was the first performance group in the nation made up principally of homeless people. LAPD is dedicated to building community on Skid Row, Los Angeles. Since 1985, the company has offered performance workshops that are free and open to the Skid Row community--partnering with numerous social service and advocacy groups. (continue)

City Theatre

City Theatre produces and develops contemporary plays that engage and challenge diverse audiences. Each production identifies an organization or agency whose constituents can benefit from creatively expressing their concerns. (continue)

Intiman Theatre

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New WORLD Theater

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