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International Forum of Visual Practitioners

IFVP is a community of creative leaders from around the world who share a common passion for bringing information and ideas to life visually. For over a quarter of a century, business people, artists, communities, governments, educators, and individuals have been leveraging the power of our Visual Practitioner community of graphic recorders and graphic facilitators. The website is a valuable source of information and tools on graphic facilitation, and includes a searchable database of graphic facilitators (visual practitioners). (continue)

Wintergreen Performing Arts

Wintergreen Performing Arts (WPA) was established in 1996 to enhance the quality of life of central Virginia by providing cultural education and promoting an understanding and participation in the performing arts. WPA's music-based project 'Preserving the Rural Soundscape' explored issues of land use and sustainable economics. Residents of rural Virginia collected and preserved indigenous animal and other soundscapes that communicated to them the meaning of place; these sounds were incorporated into a commissioned new work by composer Judith Shatin. (continue)

Hawai'i Alliance for the Arts Education

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Museum of Photographic Arts

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Tamzina Films

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7 Stages

7 STAGES produces theatre that focuses on the social, political, and spiritual values of contemporary culture. Their Survivor Project, for instance, utilized the power of theatre and the momentum of the 1996 Summer Olympics to bring attention to war torn countries and the issue of survival as an every-day issue. Artists and companies from the Balkan states were invited to Atlanta for a series of performances, dialogues, and interaction with American artists. (continue)

Judith Helfand Productions

Helfand is a filmmaker/organizer who has worked as a documentary producer and educator for the past ten years. Her autobiographical documentary called "A Healthy Baby Girl" chronicled the filmmaker's experience with cervical cancer. Shot over five years, this one-hour video-diary explores what happens when science, marketing, and corporate power intervene in the deepest family relationships. (continue)

Photo Voice

Photovoice is a process of collecting information and expressing issues and concerns through photos. Photovoice is highly flexible and can be adapted to specific participatory goals (such as needs assessment, asset mapping, and evaluation), different groups and communities, and distinct policy and community issues. (continue)

Henry Art Gallery

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National Endowment for the Humanities

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